Thursday, February 08, 2007

Curry Favor Japanese Kitchen

Curry Favor is doing something nice for certain in return for favors right?

2 of our dearest friends who are getting married, invited a few of us over for lunch last Sunday. It is for the discussion of their wedding preparation, assignment of duties, brainstorming etc. Guess what? They invited us to this place that is so well named for it! haha....

Curry Favor is at Stamford House. (walking distance from City Hall MRT)
Their website:

Yup, that is actually the table place mats.

We all ordered the set, where you have either a salad or miso soup. Most of us took the salad. It's very plain, but healthy right?

You can guess from the name of the place, what it serves best. We all ordered all the different type of Japanese curry. This is what I ate. Pork belly curry.

This is the veg curry. (I think its with chicken right? looks like it)

This looks like beef? I am not sure at all. haha...

This is the mushroom curry.

After eating the curry, its time to work. It was actually discussion throughout the whole lunch.

Sorry the pictures are all quite blur for today's posting. Place a bit dark.

The next time you want help from people, you know where to bring them.

For those who always ask about the price, errr.. not sure, it's paid for. LOL...
Now we can't wait for the wedding. It's going to be at Raffles Hotel and at the lawn. How nice yah, a garden wedding... Better save our angpow money now.

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Anonymous said...

How come no one ordered the stewed beef curry don, and tempura curry don, their specialities? Looks like they added quite some new stuff to their menu. Hahah...I made my tonkatsu curry don with inspiration from this place (young boss...) ....buahahahhaha

Melting Wok said...

I cannot keep track of all your posts liao, all the goodies so damn good all the time & most of the time I come in is when I'm at my most hungry peak time hahaha :P wahh, u got really good appetite lately ya, still can hantam a not with the festive CNY coming round the corner ?:)

Anonymous said...

I've eaten here before. The place is usually quite crowded. Best to make reservations.

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