Monday, February 26, 2007

Estivo Gelateria @ Greenwood Avenue

Last night, friends and I had our monthly meet up and eat and celebrate people's birthday in that month. The 20 over of us had dinner at Peperoni Pizzeria and later search for a place that can fit so many of us to have cake and tea.

The place next door (yes right next door, who was very empty) said they had tea and desserts. This kind lady said they will prepare the tables for us. 1 minute later, another more 'senior' lady said they can't arrange a place that can fit 20 over of us, want us to sit separately. We kindly declined their offer and walked away.

Hey, just a look and you can see it can be done, guess if you ask employees they just can't be bothered, unless the boss is there, all of us thought it will be a different story. They could easily have gotten $100 over from us if they did a bit of work. Enuf said of them.

Anyway, we walked along Greenwood Avenue and saw a gelato place. Estivo Gelateria. Yey! everyone was happy. Asked if they can fit 20 of us, well, this place is much better, they said OK, shifted the tables around.

All very yummy flavours!

Prices are reasonable too!

This is what I had. This is one of the many cups ordered.

This is what I had. Choc Chip Peanut Butter something, plus Butterscotch something.

We also had an ice cream cake for the birthday boy.

Ok. More ice cream / gelato place, click on the Label Ice Cream below, Blogspot will list them all out :-)

We saw from their brochures they hold parties too. They are at 26 Greenwood Avenue, S 289224. Do a search for their phone numbers :-)

Update (4 July 2011):
Their Greenwood outlet is closed. Visit them at:

383 Bukit Timah
#01-05 Alocassia Apartments
Singapore 259727

Tel: 6469 6763
Fax: 62343890

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Anonymous said...

Butterscotch something...sounds very sweet.

Hey, have to thank you for your makan pix - when I returned to S'pore this time, I visited Ricciotti @ Riverwalk for their cakes/desserts. Nice. Was there at 8.45pm, then the waiter asked us to wait till 9pm for their prices to be slashed! Heh, heh, then just sat there and waited and waited for the magic moment.

This kind of delicatessen, pastry shop & café is worth recommending. They are more keen to attract customers to their good cakes, rather than make money out of them.

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