Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ichiban Boshi @ The Centrepoint

It seems that the Ichiban range of restaurants is suddenly appearing everywhere! Suddenly there are so many Ichiban Boshi and Ichiban Sushi branches at the various malls. It has taken over the Pizza Hut location at The Centrepoint (opposite Prima).

Aunt wanted Jap food last Sunday, so we walked in. Really nice deco. Just showing 5 photos, I think I have too much Jap food photos that are too repetitive. hehe..

My cousin loves salmon, so remembered that colleague ordered this in another Ichiban at IMM, so we ordered this, and told them to hold the chilli.

I had the stone grill thingy and had unagi. (my hand shaky... photo not really in focus) haha..

The hotstone thingy came as a set, with salad and miso soup.
The salad are all pre-prepared and left in the fridge. Maybe the fridge is too cold because some leaves have been 'cooked' by the cold. OK lah, since they are so new and so busy. It will improve.

Anyway, desserts time. Uncle and cousin shared this "peach" ice cream.

Aunt and I, we shared this macha ice cream. I love it. The ice cream on top, the middle layer is creamy tofu like thingy, and red bean below. It goes very well.

Have a good week ahead. 2 more working days for this week.

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Nic (KHKL) said...

your pics are always very well taken! which camera are you using? are you using macro lens too?

Rasa Malaysia said...

haven't been on blogs much lately, too busy, but it looks like you are still eating very well, I must say. ;)

Keropok Man said...

i always try to be not so obvious taking photos when i am out eating, so i use an all auto camera. :-)

Sony T200. I love this camera.
Other times, it is the the old Sony H1.

Rasa Malaysia,
You must be so busy that's why, read that you are having cooking classes etc.

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