Friday, November 02, 2007

Food at Coffee Club @ Holland Village

Yesterday, one of our colleague said she is very very stress. We know what that means! Haha.. She needs to buy Bak Kwa and she is a huge fan of Mei Zhen Xiang. Which also means we will be having lunch in Holland Village, which has the nearest outlet. LOL...

We have always wanted to try the lunch there. We usually end up having desserts there and when we see the menu, we go "aiya, got food here, should have eaten here".

The place is also cool and quiet, good for our meetings too.

2 of us had this. Bangers and Mash. Chicken, Bratwurst and Bedder & Cheese sausages. Yum...

Miss Stress had this. Crusted Dory Gremolata. She likes it, because we see that her stress was gone after lunch!

Another colleague had this. I tell you, we all went ah.. because it smell so good. Chicken Cacciatore. Chicken cooked in red wine and it says a healthy portion of veg in the menu! haha..

Another colleague had this. Err forgot to get the name of the dish. Must find the receipt first. hehe..

We were full. But die die must eat dessert. Becoming like ritual when we are here.
If you remember, we have tried ALL the desserts in the menu. Except for this one. It was always not available. haha..

So here it is... Lychee Panna Cotta. The sourness of the strawberry blends in so nicely with the vanilla ice cream. (They ran out of the original ice cream and asked if they could substitute it with vanilla ice cream) Yes yes, we like it! haha...

Without fail, we always have this. Mud pie. We always wonder how big the piece will come. haha...

We have to thank colleague who decided to treat us lunch. Thanks!

Have a great weekend.

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tigerfish said...

Wah, I also very stressed leh! ...hmmm..I know the food is quite nice in coffee club..but I only remember chicken wings ler!

Camemberu said...

Ahh, the famous garlic prawn pasta from Coffee Club - looks soooo good!!! So too the sausages (albeit a bit oily - is that oil or watery gravy?)

Keropok Man said...

tigerfish, why so stress? next time you are back, i buy some bak kwa for you lah. will that destress you? that works for my colleague. :-)


that's watery gravy haha... (or phew!)

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