Thursday, November 29, 2007

Central Hong Kong Cafe @ Takashimaya Shopping Centre

This afternoon, a few colleagues had something to settle, so we followed them to Ngee Ann City. Just nice, another colleague who is on reservist pop by too, for a meeting. So, we set off to town in two cars, and had to quickly enter the CBD before 12 to avoid the ERP. LOL..

We settled to eat at Central. This place used to have 'snaking' queue, but when we were there, it was quite empty. We also heard that food here's not as salty as it used to be when it first opened. haha..

After we finish, people checking out the menu.

I had the Stewed Beef noodles. The bowl looked unique! hahaa..

Two colleagues ate the beef kuey teow.

One ate the Pork Chop tomato with sunny side up rice. She had to wait quite long though...

Two other colleagues had the fried rice. Actually, they did not know it would be fried rice! haha.. It was suppose to be Roast Pork something rice, but err, what Roast Pork. LOL..
I guess it looked tasty too.

After that, we split up into two groups, with 2 colleagues went to settle their stuff, while the other had their meeting at Coffee Bean. *boring* *yawn* haha...

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DwD said...

i once went there for dinner. i forgot what i ordered, i think it's rice something (i googled their restaurant but apparently they dont have website). it taste quite bland. when my friend's food came, which is a fried noodles something, it looked good and i asked my friend and she said it taste ok.

Keropok Man said...

Haha.. that's why I dont comment much on food. Previously we thought it was too salty and heard that they reduced their salt, that's why we were back. It was still salty for us.

Guess, everyone's salt tolerance is different. :-p

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