Saturday, November 10, 2007

Island Creamery @ Serene Centre

It seems when you start eating ice cream, you get addicted to it. The day before we went to Venezia, then yesterday, we ended up at Island Cremery at Serene Centre. Oh no... calories are loading up!

Just like yesterday's venue, this place is also a student's haunt, especially 'little girls' from a school nearby. You should know which school. haha..

The logo, which you can find on the containers when you have a tub takeaway.

No need to ask how much, just look at the board :-)

There were 4 of us yesterday, one colleague who loves this place was on half day.
Anyway, this place is unique and it has unique flavours too. This is Bandung. It taste quite bandungy. haha...

For me, I had Nutella. Slurp!

Another colleague prefer the cone, so he had not sure which chocolate he had :-p

Another colleague eat very little for lunch, so that she can have this! Err, I forgot to ask her what flavour too. But it looks good eh?

We all, add up our ages more than 120 years old, when saw photos posted up, we also did the same! Haha... Since we had a digital camera, and this place provides a photo printer to print!!

We printed it out, scribble something, and then we stuck it up on the wall immediately. (though we think its suppose to be done by staff of this place :-p )

Fun right? Maybe we should go back there and see if our photo is still there, and try out more flavours!

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HighwayBlogger said...

Haha... I was just there 2 days ago for the first time, for a meeting with a VC somemore! Around all the 'little gals' lol! The milkshakes are fantastic by the way!

*snowbiscuits* said...

Aah my favourite hangout spot during my sec school and jc days.. hmm maybe i was one of those "little gals" you mentioned? Haha. Anyway, i used to have a friend who worked there... and she let me sample all the flavours for free!! i loved the teh tarik flavour=)

Anonymous said...

well, i was just blog hopping!
my friend was just talking about it just now! (:

i've not try it yet!

and erm, guess i should give it a try! looks like a nice place too!

btw you take good photos! what mode do you use uh? (:

Keropok Man said...

have not tried the milkshakes, the next time maybe :-)

so u studied nearby eh? :-)
yes, heard teh tarik is very nice. i think i tried it before too.

what do you mean by mode?

Anonymous said...

to keropok man!

thanks for your reply.

but i was just wondering if you took the photos w/o flash and also, what focus did you set it to? pan focus? macro?

also, just curious, what camera are you using? (:

thanks much! & hope to hear from you soon!

Anonymous said...

oh yes,

and one more thing, did you do any editing to the shots that you've made?

thanks thanks! (:

Keropok Man said...

most of the time, the photos are taken without flash. i usually do not like to use flash :-)

most of the food photos are all macro as well. if you realise from this blog, i like to take macro shots.

the camera is Sony T200.

oh yes, some darker photos are digitally 'lightened' :-)

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