Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Daily Scoop @ Clementi Arcade

My colleagues are on an ice cream binge! The last two weeks or is it three, we have been going to ice cream places! It's good that we work not too far from all these boutique ice cream places..

Today someone suggested we head to Sunset Way to check out the place. OK, the food we ate here maybe tomorrow, but since we were in Sunset Way, someone said.... so so nearby there's the ice cream place that we have not been for so so so long.

We walked in the hot afternoon sun, 1 driver is on course, the other did not drive today. Anyway, it was a short walk along Sunset Way. You will reach Clementi Arcade. If you are wondering what's here, nothing much except for The Daily Scoop we are after. It's shown in the photo (spot the white arrow, haha).

5 of us today, we had 2 double scoops.
This is the Avocado (on the right) and Green Tea & Red Bean (on the left).
Maybe it's our tongue, but we think Avocado should be renamed Ciku. It really taste so similar to ciku! We are not complaining :-) We like it.

The white one is Coconut! Which taste quite like the real thing.
The brownish one is Baileys and Choc Chips.

One thing though, this place serves ice cream in real cold ceramic bowls. Not plastic or paper cups. So it scores a few points if you are into counting carbon credits :-)

And also... no students studying, wonder why... But it's full though, with working people all eating ice cream.

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team bsg said...

so round creamy coloured cold juicy balls ...hahaha
would have been just great to see some luscious red lips maybe teeth rolling or better still sinking or biting them ! oooouch !
such joy

Keropok Man said...

team bsg,

aiyo your description ah. sounds scandalous like that. haha..

i am sure if you are eating the ice cream, you will jilat the bowl after right? leaving no trace of it. cannot waste right?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha I live near there so I eat there pretty often...I know the owner and she's a really nice girl. Ice-cream is excellent!! My favourites are chendol and cempedak!!!

Keropok Man said...

Hi Anon,

What a blessing to stay near by the shop! :-)

Just reminded me that I have not been there for a long time. Hmmm what flavours should I have....

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