Sunday, November 18, 2007

Seah Street Deli @ Raffles Hotel

Yesterday, it was our Monthly Makan Sessions with friends. We usually celebrate people's birthday and use it as an opportunity to meet up.

(Hmmm just wondering, if there are anyone that knows us and wanna join us!. We started as people related to OCF Parkville. People got married and added spouses and kids, so now we are a good mix of people from all over. Last nite, we had 2 guests from OCF MU. If you can decode OCF, Parkville, MU, let's keep in contact!!)

This month we met at Seah St Deli. Around 20 over of us. Why we ended up here? Because it fits our criteria:
- Central (we live all over, got north, south, east, west pple)
- Air Conditioned (else the kids will make noise, and a few 'yin chim' pple too)
- Kid friendly place (we got 5 kids in our midst)
- Cheap parking for drivers (there's a per entry only $1.50 parking nearby, if you don't know)
- Near to MRT (for those taking public transport)
- Price range OK (coz we foot the birthday's boys/girls meal. 3 this month! haha..)
- Credit Card discounts available (you also want this right? don't aiyo us ok?)

(next time must have another criteria, place that is bright enough to take photos! today's photos all not sharp at all, due to the so called ambience lighting. haha..)

We state in mail out that we will start on time. So, when we arrive, we order! haha.. (can't penalise those who arrive early right?)

The kids has to be fed first. Kids Cheeseburger! Nice ya? $7.50

We give grace to pple who are late, so we start with appetizers.
Big onion rings. $8.95

Buffalo Wings. yum... $11.95

Potato Skins. $10.95

Ah.. Wedges. $5.50
It reminded a lot of us about the 'cheapskate' food we had to eat while we were all studying. We used to buy bags of this stuff, chuck it in the oven and finish them up watching TV. (ABC, SBS, 7, 9, 10 - more codes to decode!)

For mains, Mrs C had Rueben. Reuban sandwich consists of beef pastrami, sauerkraut, wholegrain mustard and melted Swiss cheese on grilled rye bread. $17.95

One of the birthday boy had Rib Eye Steak. $22.50
We had 3 orders of this.

The picture of the 2nd same dish. From a totally different angle, looks weird huh? Dr J had this.

Chope. Haha as usual, too many photos liao, continue tomorrow....

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tempinis said...

where is the cheap parking, if you dont mind me asking?

Anonymous said...

Let me guess - you were with the Overseas Christian Fellowship @ University of Melbourne (Parkville campus). ABC, SBS, 7, 9, 10 are all Australian TV chanels!

Pity I live in Australia, can't join in all the fun in food hunting. I enjoy the photos very much though and plan to visit some of these places when I visit S'pore in Jan.


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