Friday, November 30, 2007

Buffet Dinner @ The Arts House

Earlier tonight, I was at the Opening of the Singapore Writers Festival. After the speeches, reciting of poems, a dance, etc, there was the food!

Frankly speaking, I have no idea why I was there! What's a food blogger doing at a writer's festival. My sis laughed when I told her about the Writers Festival. She complains about the grammar, spelling etc on my blogs. (She's an English and Music teacher, so... you know lah...) How can? how can you be there! 'siah suay leh'. Sorry lah, I post everyday, so I just type what's on my mind, you are like reading my drafts everyday.

Anyway, there was a huge huge crowd queueing for food. The only person that I know was Cheryl (The Baker Who Cooks) that I started to communicate few days ago. :-p

I usually don't take buffet photos, but am using it as an excuse to do a 'shameless plug' of this Sunday's event at the Arts House. (We were told by the organizers, to tell your friends, tell your friends...)

Am I a glutton? So much food on the plate. Asparagus with Mushrooms, Rendang, Kuey teow, Mango salad...

Wasabi prawn salad, tandoori chicken or was it fish, etc...

It's actually quite delicious. It's catered from Restaurant 1827 Thai, which is situated in the Arts House itself. Maybe one day I shall have dinner there.

So.... see you at:
F-logging – The Fine Art of Food Blogging
Sun 2 Dec 2007 | 5pm – 6pm | Earshot, The Arts House
Featuring: Cheryl Chia (BakerWhoCooks), Keropok Man (Singapura Daily Makan) and Aun Koh (Chubby Hubby)

(errr... did I scare you all off?)

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Health Nut said...

Yummy!!!!! I was just around the corner the other day for the Singapore Youth Festival concert.

I was looking at the 1827 signboard wondering what food they served ... it looks good!

Keropok Man said...

That was the catered buffet dinner. One of these day, I might just go into the restaurant itself to eat :-)

Stay healthy!

mummy sze said...

Yes, this restaurant is good ! I've been once to celebrate someone's birthday. It's a different feel of Thai food there compared to the rest ...

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