Saturday, November 03, 2007

Rex Satay @ Changi Airport Terminal 2 Staff Canteen

Hmm, today colleague and I, we went previewing the new Terminal 3 at Changi, after that it's lunch time, but where to eat? We ended up at the Terminal 2 Staff Canteen.

What to eat? Walk round and round, and I saw this Rex Satay, it has this Mediacorp's Gurmit Singh show about Lost and Found. This stall seems to be famous for its Satay, but I did not feel like Satay-ing for lunch. So I ordered the Nasi Lemak.

I would say it's not bad lah. The rice is fragrant and sambal also OK. Next time, I shall go try the Satay. :-p

Hey, if you want some cheaper food at Changi Airport, you can head here. The nasi lemak add the extra chicken wing is $3. Can of coke is $1.20 That's the non-staff pricing lah. Staff pricing is cheaper.

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