Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sushi Tei @ Ngee Ann City

Was shopping with sis a few days ago and all the walking and carrying the 'spoils' around made us tired. Where can we find a place to sit down and not waste time? We decided to have an early dinner, before 6 pm.

It's early, so we had a small meal. I ordered Yakitori Don. $8
Sis 'taxed' some of my food.

She had her Sashimi. 3 pcs of each as you see below. $12

Sis also ordered Kani Mentai. $5. It's Crab, as you see below.

Not too bad lah.

We paid using the Sushi Tei card, which comes with a 10% discount.

If you have the Sushi Tei JCB Credit Card, have you heard that they are stopping the card soon? Colleagues who used it were also told when they paid using the card last week. Wonder what will happen to our cards.

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tigerfish said...

You have a lot of discounts cards hor? hee heee...

crab looks good!

the hungry cow said...

Yea, I like all these discount cards too! Makes us very Singaporean hor? Haha. Have fun at the Singapore Writers Festival! Superb. :)

Momo said...

Crab dish looks good to eat :@)

Keropok Man said...

i only pinch a bit. i am not really a super crab lover. haha..

hungry cow,
who doesn't? haha...

next time you can try too!

benita said...

I'm not too impressed with Ngee Ann City's soba and ramen though. I think I'm very particular when it comes to noodle dishes, and I recall being very impressed with Holland V's Sushi Tei soba/ramen before it renovated. Heh.

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