Wednesday, November 07, 2007

PeraMakan @ Keppel Club (Part 2)

Continuation from yesterday's....

This is the Hee Peow Soup. Looks quite good eh. I forgot to try try sis and uncle's soup.

Cousin and Aunt shared the Bakwan Soup. Cousin dont like Bamboo shoots and said chemical taste, chemical taste. We told her that's bamboo, no small kids just refuse to listen to us.

I had Kiam Chai Ak. I have not had this for a long time! Yes, it was good and thick.

Before the meal, we all had this, lemon and aloe vera. Very refreshing.

Now, after dinner, we were all so stuffed, but we got tempted by the next table who was having desserts!

So, we shared a Chendol. Very thick Gula Melaka on top.

We were wondering how the Ice Kachang will look, so here it is..
Generous amounts of Ah Tap Chee below. I think it was 6-7 of it.

Cousin's favourite, Pulut Hitam. It was good, a bit on the sweetish side though.

We think we might go back again :-)

The Apom balik is suppose to be good, but we were told it will be a long wait because there's a big group of ladies having a tok panjang and ordered so may of it...

Happy Deepavali to friends who celebrate it tomorrow...

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DwD said...

i wanna try bakwan soup! that's my favorite indonesian food! do u know what meat the meatballs are made of? is it pork?

Keropok Man said...

i think they are pork. with bamboo shoots etc... delicious!

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