Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Char Kway Teow, Hokkien Mee, Chicken Wings @ Newton Food Centre

Tonite after watching the movie Stardust with some friends, we went over to Newton Food Centre to have supper. It's been a long long long time since I step in here, after all it's a touristy place right? What are the locals doing here? haha..

Well, someone suggested it and off we went.Just showing you 3 out of the different food we ate.

We have a friend from US who came to Singapore to work for a year and he's leaving to work in Korea soon. He die die want to eat Char Kuey Teow. OK lor, since not sure when he will get to eat it again. Someone said this stall is nice, so we came here lor. See how minister photo on it leh.... And a makansutra cert also.

Anyway, here's the CKT and also the Hokkien Mee.

Dunno why when we go supper, we always must eat chicken wings. We ask the people selling us the other food, which chicken wing is nice, so they told us that one, pointing to the opposite side. We trust them lor.

Good nite!

p/s Hey dear friends who is now holidaying in Europe, you miss the food here or not? hehe..

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Momo said...

Wow wow wow! Post this kind of photos while i am holidaying in europe! :P Certainly miss the prawn noodles and chicken wings :)

You mentioned hot, i was thinking i am freezing here. Haha

ro_pumpkin said...

i love fried kway teow ... one of my favorites .
it's a wonderful site . love the pictures . but it's a bit painful to visit cause it makes me hungry and we don't have anything like that here .

tigerfish said...

I can almost smell the char kway teow already coz Taiwan nearer to Singapore mah! But hor, stil cannot eat leh!

Keropok Man said...


freezing, eating chicken wings would be yummy right? the ones that comes out hot! and also the chilli to warm you up. :-p

Keropok Man said...


no lah, not painful.
no calories only. hehe...

Keropok Man said...


are you coming back? jetstar asia got budget air that flies back here.

then we go and makan all the food ya!

• Eliane • said...

Yummo!!! Please tell me you got a little help eating all this!

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