Friday, November 23, 2007

Desserts : Aji Tei @ Takashimaya Basement

Last Sunday, Sis had to conduct the choir rehearsal so we ate first. She told her we will be walking around Taka, so she headed to Aji Tei to have lunch. We joined her, but for desserts.

What did we call?
Kakigori Mango. $5.80
I like the red bean on top. hehe. It's like a Jap version of ice kacang with mango.

We wanted to try more things, so there is this Sagamo Set. $8.80
With this set, we had Anmitsu. OK, I am not sure what exactly the names are. But they were interesting enough to eat.

You can see nata de coco, peaches, red bean paste, chewy colourful balls and colour chewy pieces as well. (I think the chewy stuff are varieties of rice dumplings)

Then there is Sweet Soya Dango.
Yes, that sauce over it is sweet soya over rice dumpling, it's quite tasty!

And Macha Ice Cream on corn flakes.

Oh, if you are wondering where it is, it's at Basement 2, just beside Cold Storage.

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momo said...

They all look so pretty and delicious :)

Keropok Man said...

they are!

hehe.. those rice dumplings are nice and chewy!

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