Thursday, November 01, 2007

Taiwan Porridge @ Cheong Chin Nam Road

Last Monday, we had dinner at the Taiwan Porridge place at Cheong Chin Nam Road. We went to uncle's place because our 'A Kor' and 'Kor Tiu' was visiting from elsewhere. So, we went to meet them there, esp since bro in back and has not seen them.

We later after A Kor and Kor Tiu left, we went to nearby place to eat. So we ate at Taiwan Porridge.

This was Inoki mushroom plus lean meat and mushroom.

This is claypot chicken. Cousin love this kind of chicken.

I had the urge for sweet sour pork. haha. I dunno why, maybe because I had not had this for the longest time.

This is egg with chai por. Anything with Chai Por is my favourite. haha...

This is aubergine with mince.

Bro said he missed eating Kong Bak Pau, so this was for him.

No, I did not touch things with so much fat. haha.. It was for bro, and he ate 3 or 4 of it. *peng san*

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tigerfish said...

Wooo... I like porridge! I like "fatty"food but not too much of it...else very gerlat!

Din know why the comments appeared in the other post. Please delete it :P

Keropok Man said...

porridge not fatty lah :-)

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