Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lao Beijing @ Plaza Singapura

One of our cousin (yes, we have lots of cousins!) did us very very proud. He got the 'calling' and decided to obey the 'call' and went to Trinity Theological College to do his Master of Divinity.

We met up with his parents (our sar chek and sar chim) and the usual uncle and aunt that we eat with, for dinner last Saturday. We had dinner at Lao Beijing and here's what we had.

I always like szechuan veg, so this is always my favourite. Spicy, salty, sweet all in one.
(ya, I know many of you all hate this. haha... )

Pickled Szechuan vegetables.

We had the 8 treasure tea. Ba Bao Cha. Always so fragrant and nice. (until your 5th refill and the flavour's all gone. LOL....)

8 Teasure Tea /  Ba Bao Cha

Showing the rice because my hands were itchy and I took some of the rice photos. LOL...


Fried Venison with White Honshimeiji Mushrooms.
Most of us liked it, but a few of us found it a bit heavy on the sodium side.

Fried Venison with White Honshimeiji Mushrooms

The Peking Duck.
It is always fun 'playing with food' if you are having Peking Duck.

Traditional Roast Peking Duck

Everyone likes different things when wrapping the Peking Duck Wraps. Some only like meat, some lots of everything. Some likes only skin! We just look at each other wrap their own pretty and their own ugly looking wraps. Offering each other what they have wrapped. LOL

Traditional Roast Peking Duck

With so many of us, we had two steamers of the Xiao Long Bao.
(Not sure if it's only me, but I think the XLB here is not that nice, it's ok only)

Xiao Long Bao

Now, this dish takes skill. It's called the Amazing Braised Pork Roll. (lol... yes laugh if you need to) So, what's so amazing? It's made of one long piece of meat. It's called Yi Dao Rou in Chinese. Hidden below the pyramid is 'mei cai'.

Amazing Braised Pork Roll (Yi Dao Rou)

You eat it with these pretty clam shaped buns.

Amazing Braised Pork Roll

Does it look like an oyster that's being stuffed with too much meat?
It's unique but we noticed the mei cai is full of the stem part, we like the leafy part of mei cai. Maybe because grandma used to cook it that way for us. :-)

Amazing Braised Pork Roll (金牌一刀肉)

Braised Spinach Bean Curd.

Braised Spinach Beancurd

We had also Asparagus with Lily bulb. Somehow the photos are missing. I wonder if I was too busy chatting and eating that I forgot to take them.

The next dish is a spicy spicy fish dish. Not very sure of the name, I think I remembered aunt saying it was Ma La Fish. The fish was divided into smaller portions for us by the servers. Here is the fish head. Grrr.... Bite Me!

Mala Fish

My bowl of fish. It was spicy but it was kinda nice though.

Mala Fish

For desserts, I only took photo of the chilled mango & pomelo with sago dessert that I was having. The rest too far away.

Chilled Mango & Pomelo with Sago

Not sure of the prices of the individual dishes. It was approx $300 for the 9 of us.
If you pay using UOB card, you get a $30 voucher for every $150 spent. So aunt will be coming back for Hi-Tea with her friends one of these days with her vouchers. :-)

It was a nice dinner we had with our relatives. We have not met up since Chinese New Year! We are also proud of our cousin who will be more equip to serve the Lord now.

Lao Beijing
68 Orchard Road
#03-01 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

Tel: +65 6738 7207
Web: http://www.laobeijing.com.sg

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Alcy's Hobby Room said...

Yummm...everything looks so delicious! I love Szechuan veg too, but will normally cook them in soups. The 2 pyramids of braised pork roll look so good :D... (drooling!)

backStreetGluttons said...

a great divine choice . heavenly blessing colors. or shall we call it the escapade from the imperial Peking kitchen ( when the emperor was not looking)

Meg in Nelson said...

This place looks divine. What is in the 8 treasure tea? It looks so lovely!!!

Keropok Man said...

Yey, another szechuan veg fan ;-)

Ya, you wanna escape here to try too? I can tell you when the emperor's not looking. hehe

I am not very sure. You wanna do a stop over here to try it? hehe...

I think it is: Chrysanthemums, Green Tea, Jujube, Chinese Wolfberries, Dragoneye fruit, Rock Sugar, Raisin, and Tremella.

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