Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Amici Authentic Italian Restaurant @ Holland Village

This was a Mother's Day lunch we had at Amici at Holland Village. It was our treat to our aunt for cooking and taking care of us.

It took sis and I over a week to think of a place to go. We settled on Italian because we found the subscription card on a shelf when we were cleaning up our house. Sis bought it because it looked like a good deal. They guy who came knocking on our house also tried very hard. LOL.

So, we placed a booking for 6 on Sunday afternoon after church.

I wonder why, but we always seem to get into this shop by their back door. LOL...

Amici Authentic Italian Restaurant

We started by having 2 servings of Bruschetta al Pomodoro e Basilco.
2 servings so we get 6 pieces of it. ($9.80 for 2 sets)
Kinda delicious with its slightly browned toast.


We also had calamari. $12.90
They were good that it was gone in a few seconds. They were so soft and tender inside.


We thought soup was boring when the menu said Seafood Soup. We only ordered a bowl for aunt because our cousin wanted to share with her. But when it came, we tasted a bit and liked it and placed another order.

The soup was in a big deep plate. It had calamari, mussel and a big prawn in it. To describe the taste, if you know good chinese 'hae mee' soup, this has the great smell and taste of it, the only difference is that this is tomato based.

Seafood Soup

This is what our cousin had: Ossobuco. $39.90 It's braised tender veal knuckle served with saffron risotto. The lady taking our order asked if our cousin wanted the risotto al-dente, but suggested immediately that she most probably would like it fully cooked. :-) She was right.


Sis had Tagliata Firenze. $32.90
Sliced tender beef in balsamico and olive oil topped with fresh parmesan cheese and rocquette salad. We thought that it was very nice.

Tagliata Firenze

I had the Prime Rib. $32.90
(Lomabata Di Bue Arrosto) Pan baked OP prime rib with Tri Pepper sauce.

Prime Rib

It's a huge piece of meat! The pepper sauce was quite nice.

Prime Rib

Uncle had the rack of lamb - Lombata D'Agnello Alla Griglia ($35.90)
Shallow fried rack of lamb in rosemary juice. Uncle liked it because he likes lamb. The rest of us, are just not lamb fans.

Rack of Lamb

Momo had Grigliata di Manzo $33.90.
Grilled beef tenderloin with summer truffles in Madeira sauce.

Beef Truffles

I think Momo's meat is nicer than my rib. Sis and Momo thinks so too. :-)

Beef Truffles

All of us were served our food, but aunt's main dish is not out yet.
Now, what they did impressed us. They were very apologetic that aunt's fish was taking longer than usual to be served, they served her a plate of mozzarella toast on the house.


When the rest of us finished our food, aunt's Sole Fish with lemon sauce ($28.90) finally arrived.
Aunt having tasted all our food said, the fish is a bit big, and offered bits of it to all 5 of us. We thought the sole was delicious.

It does not look nice because I realise I can't take fish photos. But sis said she might come back to try this fish again. LOL...

Sole Fish

We had 3 desserts after. Too many photo on this post already, so skipping it for the time being.
It was a nice lunch we had.

Amici Authentic Italian Restaurant
275 Holland Ave,
Singapore 278993

Tel: 6469 9989
Web: http://www.amicirestaurant.com.sg/

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Dutchie said...

What eye candy *slurp-slurp* !

It's amazing that the italians r dishing out their fine delights in SG. We frequently get the same old mediocre dishes in Rome, like they never thought to update their menu with the seasons or changing times.

The bruschetta is pretty steep. I usually make enough for 2 with 3 tomatoes n a sprinkle of herbs n seasoning. It doesnt cost that much !

I do play safe with cuts of meat by opting for stew, like in osso buco. Pan seared has often resulted in a "chow-tar" mess :-(

Btw, lamb is young tender meat with hardly any disturbing aroma which older cuts does. Lamb season is very short, so one has to stock-up for the rest of the year if u like to savour them in all kinds of recipes !

Kathy said...

I hated this place when I last visited. The forks there had "square" handles and were very heavy.

Imagine how one has to twirl the paste around countless times. I gave up and they had no other fork to go with it.

Funnily enough, they also forgot our other order. When it finally came, it was charred. The amazing thing was the kitchen had an open concept so our table was separated from the stove by a counter.

They offered it to us free but in the end, we didn't eat either dish, because we simply couldn't eat the pasta with a square-handled fork, nor could we wait for the other dish to be re-made and we didn't want charred food. We waited very long for those dishes and the restaurant was very empty.

The manager waived our entire bill.

Your aunt should have had her dish served free, instead of being stuffed some cheap toast.

Anonymous said...

Why is it so expensive? :( food doesn't look that good to me :S

Meg in Nelson said...

Squid, squid, squid, squid, squid.....

Ming the Merciless said...

The prices are really steep. It's amazing how much you guys spend on food.

No wonder people are cold calling your house. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I would like to try the fish! It looks worth trying :-)

Keropok Man said...

Maybe the Romans like it so much, they don't see a need to update their menu. :-) Looks like you love Italian food a lot?

I agree with the heavy forks. LOL We did not eat pasta, so it was ok for us.

But the fish that came out was worth the wait for us. It came very nicely done. Hope you have a better time there, if you are ever going to go back. hehe...

I guess not everyone have the same taste ;-)

Are you squinting at the squid?

We alternate lah. We eat lots of $2-3 meals too. How much does food cost in NYC?

If you are a fish lover, you should try it.

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