Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spice Junction - The taste of Kerala @ Race Course Road

For lunch today, we were thinking of just going to the canteen to have a quick bite. But when we got downstairs, someone suggested why not go for Indian food today? Race Course Road? Sure! With a loud resounding "kia! mai tu liao". (yes, don't waste time, let's go)

(We are not in the company of colleagues who dislike food with lots of spices today. )

So we hop on a cab to get to Race Course Road. A colleague recommend that we should try this place that has very nice Biriyani. He came before and thinks that the rest of us should try it. So we head off to Spice Junction. Apparently, this place is opened by an IT guy, a hardcore programmer!

For drinks, 1 of us had the tea, another the masala tea. Dpuk saw on the menu - "Sambharam : Traditional Drink for Hot Summer." Being adventurous, he decided to order it.

The fun starts when this drink came. We discoverd it's an acquired taste. He just could not finish it, and the rest of us also can't take it when we tried it. It tasted like white curry sauce! (pardon us, those who love this, it's just us.).

When we came back to the office, we did an online search and found the ingredients. It has curry leaves, coriander, mint, salt, lemongrass. See, we were kinda right that it tasted like curry sauce. You all should try it. Maybe there's some who might like it. We are glad we tried it though, to get the experience.


This similar looking drink is the usual Sweet Lassi.
There's also the Salty Lassi if you like it. ;-)

Sweet Lassi

We saw this dish on the menu: Mutton Ishtew. Sounds interesting and the description was "The Traditional Stew Dish Of Syrian Christian Families Of Kerala". Someone the name just stands out, so we thought we should try it.

It's quite nice. If you don't like mutton because of the smell, you can take this. It has no strong mutton smell.

Mutton Ishtew

We were told when we ordered the Mutton Ishtew, we should eat it with Appam. So we ordered the Appams and they were lovely. We had one each.


Now, how many Indian places do you know that serves beef? Very rare right? This one does.
The "Beef Fry: is delicious. Yes, goes well with the Appam. :-)

Beef Fry

Now, the reason we are here is to try their Biriyani.
This is the Malabar Mutton Biriyani.

Malabar Mutton Biriyani

We agreed with 'wire' that brought us here that it is quite nice. The basmati were lovely. There's a whole egg buried inside, and the mutton was tender and flavourful.

Malabar Mutton Biriyani

We also had the Malabar Chicken Biriyani.

Malabar Chicken Biriyani

Also a whole egg buried in it. Ours was a chicken drumstick inside. Fragrant indeed.

Warning though, remember it's called Spice Junction, so you get lots of spices inside. If you dont like fennel seeds, black peppercorns, take them out first, they are generous with it.

Malabar Chicken Biriyani

Check out their other menu at if you want.

The whole Race Course Road is filled with delicious Indian Food. We are wondering if we should come back here to try the rest of the food, or go hopping to the other stalls. Hmmm...

Spice Junction - The taste of Kerala
126 Race Course Road
Singapore 218585

Tel: 63417980

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fatboybakes said...

that rice just loooooks sooooooooooo goooooood!fluffy and can count each grain hor. hey, i link you can? i dunno why i havent before.

Life for Beginners said...

That's the fairest briyani rice I've ever seen... Hmm. Snow White Rice? LOL

Zannnie said...

Wow, love spice!!! I'll definitely wanna try out, i'm a briyani fan!!

thanks for your visit and comments and do pop by today too! :) and see the twilight KFC

in singapore daily photo, ming is back! ;)

The Hungry Cow said...

The Indian owner of the place is Christian and so has no beef about adding beef to the menu. Hehe.

Your post reminds me that I haven't been back to race course in a while...a visit should be in e works! :D

zs said...

Hey I think your new camera is taking very nice shots :)

Camemberu said...

Yeah, agree with zs that the NEW GENERATION photos are really quite something. I really love the shots of the rice in the bowls! Makes me want to eat immediately!

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