Friday, May 15, 2009

Chako @ Hong Leong Garden (Part I)

Our colleague 'pirate' has been telling us about this place that he has been going. It's a small little Japanese place at Hong Leong Garden. He has been there so often, we realise that he is on first name terms with proprietress and her daughter. LOL...

He even got a softcopy of the menu of the place and emailed to us last week. He planned for us to go today, so for the whole week, we tried to rush as much work as possible so that we can have a longer long time today.

Why longer hour? Because the proprietress Mdm Hisako Okugawa makes the dishes only when you order and she does it with so much care and passion. Definitely not a rush job. (We had to wait quite a while haha)

Restaurant Chako

Three hour before lunch time today, 'pirate' yahoo messenger us, telling us that to save time, we can choose what we want to eat first (from the menu he sent us last week), he can then sms our orders to the shop. So we did.

I pre-0rdered the Chako Set. $19.
Grilled mackerel served with a piece of bite-sized bread-crumbed deep-fried chicken & cuttlefish, salad, vinaigrette/vegetable side, stewed dish of the day, cold beancurd, rice, miso soup, pickled radish and fruits.

Chako Set

The Grilled mackerel. We had two of us ordering this and both of us thought it is one of the nicer grilled mackerel around.

Grilled mackerel

The piece of bite-sized bread-crumbed deep-fried chicken & cuttlefish.

bite-sized bread-crumbed deep-fried chicken & cuttlefish

The salad, vinaigrette/vegetable side. I kinda like their little bit of mash potato.

salad, vinaigrette/vegetable side, pickled radish

Think this is the stew dish of the day. It's like popiah fillings. :-) Quite nice.


The following are the set items. (ie, if you convert your items into a set, you get the following).
The miso soup with clams inside. Pirate told us, he prefers the soup at night, it is thicker and saltier. haha...

Miso Soup

The cold beancurd.
(we are suppose to pour our own soy over it)

Cold Beancurd

You know why it takes a long time? Look! We realise everyone's pickles were so neatly arranged and stacked! haha...

Pickled Radish

The glittering and soft short grain rice.


Pirate told us the proprietress has recently lowered the prices because many of her customers are students from the school nearby. We wonder how pirate gets to know all these details. LOL...

Too many photos for one post, I shall post the rest tomorrow.

Restaurant Chako
134 West Coast Way
Hong Leong Garden Shopping Centre
Singapore 127064

Tel: 6776 3919 / 6776 4613

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