Thursday, May 14, 2009

Surabaya Cuisine @ friend's house.

We got invited to a friend's (we shall call him DG) house to have Surabaya food. For Mother's Day, DG and his wife flew back to Surabaya to be with his mum. It is very convenient now with direct flight from Changi to Surabaya on ValuAir. (costing around $200 only)

So when he was coming back, he brought back some delicacies for us to try as well.

We thought this is ketupat, but it's not. It's called Buras.
It's similar to ketupat but has coconut milk in it.


It looks very brown when it's together, but when you untie it, the leaves is greenish.


Here's how it looked. Buras in all its splendour. The texture is not as hard and dry as ketupat, it's more sticky and soft.

Our dear DG did not prepare this, he just bought it from his favourite stall in Surabaya.


But he did cook this. It's called Rawon. It's a Surabaya version of Beef Stew. Our friend have to prepare this a day in advance, and it has I think 14 different spices in it.


Here is the dish assembled. Quite nice!
There's suppose to be fried shallots on it, but I forgot to take a photo of it. I started eating and forgot about taking photos. :-)

Buras & Rawon

Here's Bakwan to go with the meal.
We also had a vegetable dish, snow peas as well as lots of keropok. ;-)


Thanks DG for inviting us over for dinner. First time having Surabaya cuisine. ;-)

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Meg in Nelson said...

The whole point of using bamboo is the antiseptic quality and the nice smell, but in Japan, they use plastic now. Yikes... Ketupat or Buras, they look good to me!!

Ming the Merciless said...

I never had Surabaya cuisine before. They definitely look interesting.

I soooo miss ketupat with satay sauce.

Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

Surabaya cuisine looks really special :)

CT said...

hi there.. seems like the 'buras' is known as the 'burasak', a dish that's associated with the Bugis (ethnic) people.
they use really, really young banana leaf to wrap it.
hard to get it here but i managed to get it in jb beacause there are many people of Bugis origin there.
and that rawon looks superb! he sure use a lot of the 'buak keluak'.

Keropok Man said...

Is that why Japanese food always taste so nice? The nice smell from the bamboo they use.

There should be some place for ketupat and satay in NYC right? It's such a big city.

Yeah, after I posted this, a friend sms me that there are Surabaya like places to eat in Singapore. haha

Ah.. you like burasak too eh?
Something different from the usual ketupat we eat. :-)

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