Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Malay Mixed Rice @ NUS Engineering Canteen

Another case of following the herd.

Colleagues and I took a shuttle bus to the Engineering Canteen and everyone was wondering what to eat, one person started to queue for the Malay food, another follow suit. Yet another, and guess what? My legs brought me there too. LOL.

We ended up eating almost the same thing too! The tempting fried chicken drumstick was crying out, save us from the tray. We don't like to be displayed here. Order us, order us!

It has really crispy skin, the meat was ok, a little more frying and it will be too dry.

Crispy Skin Drumsticks

Had ladies fingers, and cabbage to go with it. Topped with fish curry. (the fish curry's very nice, should have asked for more. haha)

The usual 2 veg and 1 meat for $2.20.

Ladies Finger and Cabbage

Paid using the EZ Link card because they did not have coins for change.
EZ Link's quite convenient eh?

Time to eat at the NUS Canteens again, because the students have finished their exams and are not coming into campus again. ;-)

Malay Stall
NUS Engineering Canteen

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Ter said...

wah.. im starting to miss NUS food! try to cockles and the sotong... but very Pedas!

Sugar Bean said...

I'm looking at NUS food again. Guess I should pay a visit to my friends in NUS and ask them to bring me for a visit around the place. :)

Anonymous said...

Is the canteen open to public?
All the food you posted from there are so
tempting =)

rinaz said...

Gosh, I want!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I used to work in Nus & frequent that stall. Love the fried chicken rice (which was served only on certain days), chilli mussels, chilli sotong & their sambal chilli the most. Their banana ball snack's really good too. Sigh, how I miss them.

Ter said...

yess! the banana ball! jemput jemput! thats what its called, according to the stall auntie... haha... simply delicioussss

Merlion said...

This makes me think back of the time when I used to meet up with former colleagues in Beach Rd after their half workday. There was a malay stall with the cookfood n most of the dishes were very hot ! Steam were definitely rolling out of our ears - hehe.

Still, it was addictive. We ordered Ikan Pepesan - deep fried mackerel smothered in thick sambal sauce, ditto the curry prawns. Even the plain fried white cabbages with red chillies were complimentary to the meal. There was a cold drink stall next to it - chendol or ice kachang to put out the fire on our tongues !!

I wonder if the fish n prawn dishes r still available anywhere in SG ?

Ming the Merciless said...

I wish my campus have such CHEAP and diverse cuisine. We have Burger King, Taco Bell, pizza, etc. Nothing fancy.

Keropok Man said...

Drop by NUS and have some food lor ;-)

Ya the NUS students should know where to eat and which canteen has the best food.

Yes, it's open to public. The price for public is maybe 20 cents more or so. There are bus loads of people from the Science Parks that eat there.

You experimenting with Italian + Malay food? It should come out nice. ;-)

Should be. Just got to look around ;-)

This is the cheap food most people have in Asia. haha. Burger King, Taco Bell's available, but somehow I am more incline to the local food. ;-)

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