Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chako @ Hong Leong Garden (Part II)

Here's Part II of the Chako lunch we had.

The place is not very big, the kitchen is just behind these 'curtains'. When you step in, it's like stepping into some old traditional Japanese place.

Chako Counter

Anyway, back to what we ate.
Here's the Oden $16 that we shared. We all find it quite nice. The yellow mustard that goes with it really gives it a kick!


Dpuk had the Chicken Katsu Ju Set. $16.
Bread-crumbed deep-fried chicken fillet placed on a bed of rice, topped with egg and onion gravy

(the rest of the set items has been shown yesterday)
Normally the fried chicken is on top of the eggs right? Here it is hidden below.


Pirate had Unatamaju Set. $22.
Broiled eel in our home-made sauce served on bed of egg-topped rice.


Pirate said you got to try it, it's broiled and it's really really soft inside, and he cut a piece of it for all of us to try. (if you like eel and like it soft, you should try this. we loved it)


JSFR had pre-ordered Zoni Set. $18
It's claypot soup with chicken, vegetables, mushroom and glutinous rice cake. JSFR really liked the glutinous rice cakes in it. It's really soft and when she's eating, all of us were looking at her eat. (Well, it's because her was the last to arrive, so most of us finished our meal. LOL)


We were already quite full but somehow we wanted the dessert. The desserts we have below had to be pre-ordered.

The custard pudding served in caramel sauce. $6.50
We had two of this. Some of us like it, some preferred the next dessert. We concluded those who did not like burnt sugar taste, ie caramel did not liked it. LOL..

Custard Pudding with Caramel Sauce

The green tea pudding served with azuki. $6.50
Now, the one who did not like the above adored this. It was so cold and refreshing. The azuki makes it nicer too. (haha.. you can tell which dessert I liked).

Just as we were eating this, I thought I heard a familiar voice. Dr walked in to have lunch too.

Green Tea Pudding served with Azuki

Oh, there's a photo of President Nathan and wife's and the the proprietress family in the shop too! ;-)

For lunch, if you pay in cash you get 10% off. Our total bill was $142.50.
So so full, we had problems trying to stay awake to work after lunch. LOL...

Restaurant Chako
134 West Coast Way
Hong Leong Garden Shopping Centre
Singapore 127064

Tel: 6776 3919 / 6776 4613

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ice said...

cool... "if you pay in cash you get 10% off" lol. total opposite to those cc promotions.

The unagi looks yummy!

Life for Beginners said...

Unatamaju, here I come! :D

(I L.O.V.E. eel. Love it.)

Keropok Man said...

ice, lfb

ya, the unagi was nice. fellow unagi lovers I see. ;-)

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