Monday, December 29, 2008

Wedding Lunch @ Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Yesterday, we were invited to our friend, G's wedding lunch reception at Mandarin Oriental Singapore. G looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gowns.

G must be on of the most organised person around. We got sms to remind us before the wedding two times over two weeks. We also got a thank you sms today too!

So, what was on the menu?

The lunch started off with the Mandarin Oriental Combination - Lobster and Prawn with Seafood Roll. Looks good?

Mandarin Oriental Combination - Lobster and prawn with seafood roll

The braised shark's fin with crabmeat.
Good thing that not many sharks were killed. :-)

Braised shark's fin with crabmeat

The Crispy King Prawn. It is served with honey sauce.
The prawns a little oily but was tasty!

Crispy King Prawn served with honey sauce

This is the stewed duck with 5 treasures. The treasures: Chestnuts, Red Dates, Sea Whelk, Taro and Lotus Seeds. Delicious.

Stewed Duck with 5 treasures: chestnuts, red dates, sea whelk, taro and lotus seeds

The Cod Fish Fillets. Baked fillets of cod in superior teriyaki sauce
We all like the cod. So soft and it melts in your mouth.

Baked Fillets of cod in superior teriyaki sauce

When we saw on the menu: Chilli Crab Mantous, we all asked each other, is it going to be the chilli crab that we know? Haha...

Well, it is! This is the chilli crab sauce! Is there crab meat inside? Yes!

Chilli Crab Sauce - Easiest way to eat chilli crabs!

The Man tou - Fried Mini buns. Golden brown and its calling out to us to eat them.

Fried Man Tou - Crispy Mini Buns

When we were served our individual portions, we can't wait to try it!
This must be the easiest way to eat Chilli Crabs! Look, there's lots of crab meat too. We were impressed!

Crispy mini buns with chilli crabmeat sauce

With the previous dish bringing our hopes so high, errr, this next dish looks ugly. haha..
Orh Nee - Sweetened Yam Paste with gingko nuts.

Or Ni - Sweetened Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts

It was a good time catching up with friends and meeting new friends over the lunch table.
G if you are viewing these photos, it was a really well organised lunch. Congratulations to both you and CE!

Mandarin Oriental Singapore
5 Raffles Avenue
Marina Square
Singapore 039797

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Anonymous said...

Oh man... the duck and the mantou looks heavenly!

dilutedmagnetics said...

Wow! The chili crab mantou is a fantastic idea! I think I will try to make some this weekend!

alicesg said...

Wow, it must be costly for one wedding table. Nowadays it dont come cheap giving angpows to wedding couple. My hubby's nephew just married and it cost us about $1000 (angpow and gold gift). The food looked so delicious and yummy. Must share this post with my friends.

Kenny Mah said...

One thing I have to say abt ManOriental... you just can't go wrong with them. :)

Happy 2-0-0-9, bro! More Makan next year!

Unknown said...

Hi Keropokman...

The chilicrab mantou truly looks yummilicious...hmm...inspirational...

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