Saturday, March 21, 2009

Japanese Selection @ SQ12 (SIN-NRT-LAX) Economy

I was wondering if I should post this. Not technically eaten in Singapore. (This diary/blog only post the food eaten in Singapore) But this time it's on a Singapore Airline flight. OK lah....

This is the leg between SIN and NRT on Economy class on SQ12. There's two selection, the International Selection and Japanese Selection. This is the Japanese Selection.



It was kinda tasty, slightly fishy. But it's something that can be eaten cold, so it does not need to be heated up and become dry as other airplane food.


Japanese Cold Noodles.

Another cold dish, so it's not 'treated with heat' on board the plane. In fact, the noodles are quite delicious. The only complaint was there's too little wasabi. You can ask for more wasabi on board right?

Japanese Cold Noodles

The Soba Noodle Sauce that goes with the noodle above.
The SIN-NRT leg used Australian Soba noodle sauce.

Soba Noodle Sauce

Wakadori Sansho Yaki
Grilled chicken with sansho peppers, selected vegetables and steamed rice. See heated up food changes colour and the rice is dry. The grilled chicken was not dry though. Only the rice ;-)

Wakadori Sansho Yaki

Rice Crackers.

Rice Crackers

Ice Cream
The SIN-NRT leg served Wall's. The NRT-LAX leg served Fauchon ice cream :-)

Ice Cream was Magnum

Roll and Butter.

Roll and Butter

It was quite an all right meal. Airplane food is not always so bad ya.

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red fir said...

I don't believe you're actually tempting me with airline food lol. I love Magnum.

Miso said...

Under your superb photography skill. even the bun and cracker look so good!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you had all that! I'm certainly flying on the wrong airline these days! LOL

Kaveri said...

Airline food has never looked so good.

Anonymous said...

Wow looked so good and yummy. Yup, I never like airline food except for the ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Quite good stuff leh ! I once flew business class to Japan on SQ. Was given 2 menu's to choose from - chicken or beef with a touch of japanese - the green cold noodles with soya sauce. The rest was the same continental fare u find in other airlines (cake, pudding, fruit salad). Wine flowed freely but I dont drink :-(

We always fly KLM to SG n we liked the nonya snacks served on a banana leave to give the passengers a taste of SG delights. The main course comprises of coconut rice n a spicy stew, mini kuehs n pisang goreng. Those were the good times. Since 2000 they were cutting cost n it's back to cheese n ham sandwiches n a warm meal when we r abt to land n SG. I am amazed tho, at hubby's ability to gain access to several mini bottles of liqueurs n cups of ice cream while I was snoozing away, bec that must be worth a few pretty pennies !

teckiee said...

What... that's airline food? Everyone should fly more!

Anonymous said...

I actually look fwd to be a food blogger lk you! I'm always amazed by your food photography skills! =)


Unknown said...

ice: Magnum's nice. But they are getting really expensive right? Fairprice and 7-Eleven is having specials on it this week. (if you are stocking up) hehe...

Miso: The cracker is nice, but the bun is not. LOL...

LFB: Ask your company to change the corporate airline lah... (i think difficult right? haha) I flew on Corporate rates which are lower :-)

Kaveri: I heard only certain routes lah...

Alicesg: Eating ice cream on the airplane is nice right? It never seems to melt up there!

Dutchie: The cold green noodles is tasty ya? hehe... Oh.. KLM has nonya snacks? wow...

Teckiee: yes it is. LOL...

JK: Just pick up a camera and start snapping!

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