Monday, September 13, 2010

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao @ Holland Village

It's so blessed to be surrounded by so many people who treat you to birthday lunches. This lunch was with colleagues at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao last week.

We initially planned to go to Sushi Tei to take advantage of the Sushi Tei Card '20% off birthday month', promotion. But we were told we got to wait at least 40 minutes. It's a working day and we only got 1 hour for lunch, so we chose Crystal Jade opposite the road instead.

*** xlb ***

For the restaurant's name sake, we ordered 2 steamers of Xiao Long Bao / Steamed Pork Dumplings. ($10 per steamer of 5) It's one of the things that you can't get sick of eating. The XLBs here have always gave us consistent quality, so we are happy. 

Steamed Pork Dumpling / Xiao Long Bao

*** drunk chook ***

While flipping the menu, one colleague said we should order it. OK lor. You can't get really drunk having Drunken Chicken with Wolfberry ($7.50) right?

But we notice they were quite a generous amount of Hua Tiao that they put inside. We notice smiles on two colleague's faces when they tasted the chicken broth. (Jiu Kui colleagues!) *hic*  It's good that they did not get drunk as Captain Haddock even as they drunk up all the chicken broth. The chicken was served cold, a very nice touch for a hot hot afternoon.

Drunken Chicken with Wolfberry

*** egg + egg ***

"Let's get a vegetable dish". That's what all almost everyone will say right? Unless of course you dine with a group of carnivores. We got the usual favourite Century and Salted Egg with Vegetables ($13.80)

Century and Salted Egg with Vegetables

*** tongue numbing ***

For our individual portions, each of us ordered a La Mian. It's a La Mian shop after all.
I said I wanted to have the Spicy Chicken La Mian ($7.80). I told colleagues that it is one of the tongue numbing dishes and you get a slight high with all the spiciness.

Ya right, was the answer. So potent? So 2 other skeptics ordered the Spicy Chicken with me.
One colleague and I had it with the dragon beard La Mian, ie. thin noodles. The Spicy Chicken was hot, spicy and salty chilli paste and oil that has ensconced the cold chicken. I think it's really yummy!

Spicy Chicken La Mian

The other colleague had it with the thicken La Mian that looks like thin kuey teow.
This colleague that used to be able to eat the spiciest food was crying for help. Tears and sweat flowed from his forehead.

Challenge a friend to eat this and see them cry too. LOL

Spicy Chicken La Mian

*** light headed ***

Two other colleagues also wanted to join in the spicy action. They said they will eat their favourite spicy food here. The Spicy Beef La Mian. ($7.80).

It's really another really spicy dish. can you see how much chilli oil is covering the noodles? We had to slightly lift the food to show what's inside. It's so fun to see people eating and yet sweating in air-conditioned rooms.

When we were leaving we noticed that the table beside us also ordered the same thing. Oh... those guys fared worse. I think they saw what we ordered and tried to order the same thing. They were speechless and one was coughing and drinking loads of water. It was so wicked! 

Spicy Beef Lamian

*** freebies ***

We have this habit of asking "any cards with discount" when we pay.
The lady who presented the bill said, sorry there's no discount, but if you have a Citibank Credit Card, you get a free mooncake. Of course we have one. In fact we have more than one. But we can only get 1 mooncake per bill.

(Let me insert a advert plug: If you don't have a Citibank Card, you should get one! Click on the right top corner and get a free $40 Tangs voucher if you apply for a Citibank Credit Card and Ready Credit account through this blog. Don't you think it's a good deal? ) 

Free Mooncake

Colleagues and I tried the mooncake for tea time the next day. It's quite nice. No yolk. Just plain white lotus seed paste mooncake. It's not oily too.

(I did an online search and realized there's a contest to win some mooncakes from Crystal Jade here. Contest ends 17 Sept though, so hurry!)

Free Mooncake

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
241 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278976

Tel: 6463 0968

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Ciki said...

yummie! i love cold noodle especially the tongue numbing pepper corn sort! great shots .. to bad no time the eat EVERYTHING eh, on our trip? LOL

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