Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mooncakes - Fairmont Hotel : Szechuan Court Restaurant

This box of mooncakes also from Fairmont Hotel / Swissotel was given by one of our colleague's brother to him. He shared it with us because he and his wife doesn't take alcohol.

These are the "Ping Pi" / Snowskin versions of mooncake made by Fairmont Hotel's Szechuan Court Restaurant.

Mooncakes - Fairmont Hotel / Swissotel

Snowskin mooncakes always smells so good, doesn't it?
It's also served cold, so it's such a delight eating it.

This was how the box looks after you flip to the side the cover.

Mooncakes - Fairmont Hotel / Swissotel

The selection of flavours.

Mooncakes - Fairmont Hotel / Swissotel

Yellow - Champagne Truffle & Chocolate Ganache.
Just from the description we were already salivating!

Oh... we loved it!

Mooncakes - Fairmont Hotel / Swissotel

Orange - Bailey's Chocolate.
Need I describe it for you? How many Bailey's fans out there?

Mooncakes - Fairmont Hotel / Swissotel

Pink - Organic Muesli Chocolate.
This was the only flavour that our colleague ate. It's the only non alcoholic moonies.

The muesli mixed with the chocolate was a bit hard, so it was difficult to cut.
Taste wise, it was rather unusual, however it tasted good too.

Mooncakes - Fairmont Hotel / Swissotel

White - Rum and Raisin Chocolate Truffle.
It was not as rum and raisin as you would expect compared to eating ice cream, it was nevertheless quite nice.

Mooncakes - Fairmont Hotel / Swissotel

We were trying to taste all the flavours, so our tastebuds gets wonky nearing the end. So we seem to like the first two flavours more. We probably should eat it at different time to enjoy it more eh?

Many thanks to our colleague (or rather his brother) for our mooncake tasting session during tea break. ;-)

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