Thursday, September 23, 2010

Food For Thought @ 8 Queens Street

It was a surprised birthday dinner for Momo. A group of friends wanted to treat Momo dinner.
In these days of instant communication, this was planned over MSN and whatsapp! in a few days only haha..

She was told it was just a dinner with 4 friends. But in fact around 10 people were coming.

The things we do to give people surprises: A long table for 10 had been booked at Food For Thought @ 8Q. As this place has glass all over, Momo could see who's inside even before going to the bistro. To make it more 'real', the 4 friends were to sit at a single table first. So when Momo and I went in, she only saw 2 other friends. We then asked her to place order for her food.

Food For Thought @ 8 Queen St

Two minutes later, the rest all walked out from the back of the bistro. They sang Happy Birthday out loud and brought out this Pistachio Cherry cake from Rive Gauche.

Oh, she was surprised for sure. With the loud singing, her faced turned red!

Cake from Rive Gauche

This cake was bought from Rive Gauche. It was a great choice!

Cake from Rive Gauche

If you watch the Channel 8, 9PM show last night you would have seen this place on TV! I saw this verse on TV and recognised it was this place. A tweet from @FFThought confirmed it and showed this link where they filmed the show 4 months ago.

Ecclesiastes 3:23

*** Chinese Chicken Salad ***

Momo and I and the people beside us shared this. If you like the Japanese tamago, where the yolk is soft and white slightly firm, you will like this! The salads are fresh and the ikan bilis gave it a crunch. The dressing is soy based with soya and ginger. But we did not quite like the chicken. It was a bit dry.

Chinese Chicken Caesar

*** Hoisin Har Cheong Baby Back Ribs ***

This was my main course. You all know I love ribs, so I will be biased. The ribs are soft and really fragrant. You can see the slight char on it that gave it a nice caramelized taste. Let me warn you, it's salty!

The potato gratin behind was kinda nice. Those orange looking thing on the salad were tomatoes. It was warm! It was roasted. Nice touch.

Hoisin Har Cheong Baby Back Ribs

*** Crispy Curry Chicken & Spicy Chilli Fries ***

Momo had this. When we ordered curry, we were not expecting this to come out!
But if you are a fan of fried crispy chicken, it's your kind of food! If you are expecting the traditional chicken curry, you are in for a surprise.

This particular plate Momo had was crispy outside and inside it was still a little moist. Momo liked her chilli fries. Thick cut potato pieces.

Crispy Curry Chicken & Spicy Chilli Fries

For the rest of the food, we did not really taste it. Some of them are 'new friends' to me. Also, the table is a bit long with so many of us. It's 'pai seh' to taste their food. I just took photos. You can use for reference to their menu online which has only text. ;-)

This was the Sage Roasted Pumpkin Risotto.

Sage Roasted Pumpkin Risotto

Two friends had the Broccoli and Bacon Risotto.

Broccoli & Bacon Risotto

The Chunky Sausage & Tomato Linguine.
I love sausages and I think I might try this the next time!

Chunky Sausage & Tomato Linguine

The Garlic Prawns and Coriander Linguine.

Garlic Prawns with Coriander Linguine

The Creamy Beef Striploin Linguine.
Compared to the the rest this looks messy. lol...

Creamy Beef Striploin Linguine

The Grilled Vegetable Linguine makes me wanna eat it though.
I think it's because I like eggplant! ;-)

Grilled Vegetable Linguine

Happy Birthday Momo!
Hope you liked the surprise.

Food For Thought @ 8Q
8 Queen Street
Singapore 188535

Tel: 6338 9887

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Miss Tam Chiak said...

I want to visit FFT, but always no fate. Rive Gauche chocolate cake is HEAVENLY! Try it next!

Happy Birthday MOMO! :D

Jer Lin said...

happy birthday to momo! i've just dined at fft recently and my neighbour's pasta smelled heavenly (:

alkanphel said...

Happy birthday to MOMO also!

I've had the chunky sausage tomato pasta, it's pretty good! But I see their risotto looks really dry, like normal cooked rice already.

Camemberu said...

Haha, I can imagine Momo turning red with the surprise! So fun!

I've not been to FFT either.
The pastas actually look good!

Kenny Mah said...

Happy Birthday Momo!

And now I know why you mentioned this place to me, hehe. And it was literally walking distance - should have given it a try! :)

Zannnie said...

wow, nice surprise indeed! :) I'm sure Momo is so happy that night that she didn't sleep ;)

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