Friday, September 10, 2010

Red House @ East Coast Seafood Centre

This was taken almost two weeks ago! (How time flies eh!) We were at the airport to pick up Mum.

One of the nearest place to have a welcome home dinner was at the East Coast Seafood Centre. We have not had dinner at Red House for the longest time, so we thought we will try their food. We were lucky to be there early. We did not make any reservation and still managed to get a seat for a table of 7. 

Red House @ East Coast Seafood Centre


These are the Fresh Prawns drunken with Hua Tiao and Herbs.

We ordered this because we wanted to have these succulent prawns. Don't they look absolutely lovely?
But the excuse we had was, Mummy has not have them for 3 months. LOL. (As if they do not have prawns in the UK.)

The broth with Hua Tiao and herbs simmered with fresh prawns were absolutely delightful.

Drunken with Hua Diao Wine & Herbs 花雕醉虾煲


The braised spinach tofu with Honshimeiji.

Don't you think we are boring people?  Why are we always ordering reconstituted tofu that has been mixed with some vegetable with mushrooms on top? They were not bad. But a simple dish like this, most decent restaurants have almost perfected it.

All they need is the person recommending the dishes saying, it's our 'signature dish' or it's 'homemade', there is a 90% chance we will order it. Don't you think so?

Braised Spinach Tofu & Honshimeji Mushroom topped with Crisp Conpoy 秘制松茸菇干贝菠菜豆腐


This is something different that we don't usually order. BBQ Squid with Crunchy Jellyfish. If you happen to come here, you should try their BBQ Squid. They are good! Very good.

They were taken off the BBQ grill at the correct time. They were soft when you bite it. The sauce that was it must have caramelised nicely so it was fragrant and tasty. It came with a 'thai-ish' herby sourish dip.

 BBQ Squid served with Crunchy Jellyfish  泰式烤苏冬


Mee Goreng.  Another family favourite. Their version here was nice. Spicy, savoury, slightly sweetish. Good good.

Red House Mee Goreng 马来炒面


The Braised Gluten Puff and Bamboo Pith with Seasonal Vegetables.
Although I am not a fan of all the gluten based stuff, this was surprisingly good. In fact after the first bite, I took another piece.

Braised Gluten Puff & Bamboo Pith with Seasonal Green 竹笙豆根扒时蔬

orangey red

The Par Tin Fish with the chef's Spicy Bean Sauce.

Fish always taste good when they are fresh. For me, I think Par Tin fish always goes well with some spicy sauce. It will mask any muddy taste the fish might have.

Par tin Steamed with Chef’s Spicy Bean Sauce 巴丁鱼 酱蒸

bright orangey red

Chilli Crab is chilli crab lah. But they call it Crabs in Red House Chilli Stew here.

We did realise that their crabs here were not too expensive. We only had one crab as we have ordered so many other things. This crab we had here was about $30 plus only. Maybe it's just that the market price for crabs were lower that day?

Crab - Red House Chilli Stew  螃蟹  辣椒

Of course you have to order the man tous to mop up the chilli crab sauce.
Yum Yum....

Fried Man Tou

good bye

Oh, by the time we finished our dinner, it was already so dark.
The whole place was so packed too!

It's dark now.. and lots of people too!

Red House Seafood Restaurant
Blk 1204,
East Coast Seafood Centre

East Coast Parkway 

Singapore 449 882 

Tel: +65 6442 3112

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