Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jumbo Seafood @ East Coast Seafood Centre

We welcomed back one of our niece who flew back from her school's Overseas Immersion Programme to Vietnam. Singapore school kids are really fortunate eh? The government gives them Edusave that can be used for such activities.

Dorcas is one of our many favourite niece and she never fails to bring smiles to everyone's faces. We found out that she was even 'crowned' Princess on the trip there for one of their activities. We wanted to surprise her! We all went to the airport to give her a big welcome home!

While waiting, we saw many people holding up signs. Hotels have their nice folder with their guests name printed on it. Most tour agents hold crumpled flimsy paper with some scribbles. I even noticed banks picking up their customers? Wow... I am sure that person must have tonnes of money with that bank!

I decided to do the same. I took up my iPad and wrote on it! "Welcome Home Princess Dorcas!". It was fun to see her other classmates saw the sign and shouted. Even her teacher said: "Princess, someone's here to pick you!" It was fun!

iPad as Airport Welcome Sign

Just before we went to the airport for the pickup, we had a quick dinner at Jumbo at East Coast Seafood Centre. (Aunt has the Jumbo discount card). We remember that the airport is still under renovation and there's nothing to eat there. We did not have the usual dishes you would order at Jumbo. It's some quick and relatively cheaper food.

Hey, this Jumbo has a different menu we noticed. It's has a more touristy menu! They even have Satay!

*** satay ***

The satay here is quite good. Surprise eh? If you have guests visiting you, and it's the last meal before they head to the airport, this might be a good place to bring them! After dinner and it's off to the airport!


*** mi goreng ***

Their version here is a bit more wet. The one at Red House we had half a month ago was nicer. But we still walloped it all.

Mee Goreng

*** kueh tiao basah ***

Seafood Hor Fun. Our second carbo dish. More seafood that Hor Fun eh?

Hor Fun

*** tulang khinzir ***

This is one delicious rendition of their Pork Ribs. It was topped with pork floss too!
Housewives at home, you know what you can do to make your dishes tastier and nicer. If you have pork floss, sprinkle some over it. :-)

Pork Ribs

*** kapis keladi ***

Scallops in mini yam rings are delicious. It comes with some sweet sauce that I used to fill up the top of the scallop. Put the whole thing in your mouth and you taste sweet, savoury, crispiness, firmness of the scallops. All in one. Your mouth will like it!

Scallops in Yam

*** cakoi ikan dan bijan ***

Dough Fritters with fish paste and sesame seeds.
It looks like we were snacking away doesn't it?

You Tiao

*** sambal kangkong ***

One thing that we always enjoy eating. Sambal kangkong.
I guess this dish is only nice when you have it outside of your home. Home kitchen just does not have the large flame to heat up woks to cook this with the 'wok hei'. :-)

Sambal Kangkong

Pardon my Malay translation for titles today. (I have been trying different languages haha)
I am not even sure if it's accurate enough. It's all thanks to google.

Oh, we did notice something about Jumbo. The table beside us were a group of Caucasian teenagers who were having crabs and all the 'must have dishes' when dining in Singapore. We saw that the restaurants actually offer individual billing! That's something new.

Jumbo Seafood
1206 East Coast Parkway
East Coast Seafood Centre,
Singapore 449883

Tel: 6442-3435

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Its nice to see other dishes being served at Jumbo. We always order the usual stuff :-)

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