Thursday, September 09, 2010

Daikokuya Ramen Dining @ Paragon

Momo and I were at Paragon to queue up for the 'free fiber' connection offered by M1 on the 1st of September. Since I was queuing, I told her to join the queue as well, there's nothing to lose. 3 months of trial, since her house has also been wired up, why not?

I have been waiting since November 2009 for the fiber service to come on. So when I saw that M1 is offering it, I went for it! The 3 months free service was too tempting! Though we 'subscribed' to the service on the 1 September, we still have to wait till the end of this week for the technician to come in to fix it up. It has been a long wait! I guess there were just too many people who took up the free offer!

Talk about waiting, we waited over 1 hour to get a queue number that night. After getting the number, we were told it will take another 1 hour before our number will be called. We were hungry so we decided to hunt for food.

Walking around the same level as the M1 shop, we came across this new ramen place. Daikokuya. It's an invasion of ramen places in Singapore eh?

Daikokuya Ramen Dining @ Paragon


As we were not sure how long it will take for the order to come and we wanted to make sure we don't miss our queue number, we sat down and immediately ordered. I saw the Promotional item called Sutamina Ramen (Stamina Ramen).

Sutamina Ramen (Stamina Ramen)

What I noticed and also smell was the dollop of browned garlic on top.
The 3 pieces of cha shu was nicely chilled. Yeah, they were chilled. I ate one piece immediately, to try it cold. I soaked another piece in the hot broth and it tasted different. It somehow becomes softer too.

There was lots of cabbage that was below all the ingredients. To finish it up really needed stamina. It was a lot to finish. (cabbage, bean sprouts and noodles). The egg has a semi-liquid egg yolk too.

The noodles were 'Q' as I had it almost immediately after taking photos. ;-p

Sutamina Ramen (Stamina Ramen)

Ton Miso

Momo ordered the Tonkotsu Miso Ramen. Her broth looks lighter and tasted rather different too.

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen

Her noodles were paler in colour too. You can read from their website that they have different kind of ramen. Sapporo, Tokyo, Kyushu, Kogashi and Maze Ramen.

I think this ramen that Momo had belongs to the Kyushu Ramen category.


pay and go

We thought their bill looks kinda nice and easy to read. They leave it on your table after you place your order. We finished our meal rather quickly and left to go back to the M1 shop.

Phew, our numbers were not called yet. I can't wait to try out the Fiber service!

Daikokuya Receipt

Daikokuya Ramen Dining
90 Orchard Road
#B1-47 Paragon Shopping Centre
Singapore 238859

Tel: 6737 5416
Hours: 11.30am – 10.30pm daily

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dory said...

hi mr keropokman.. i realise fr they never pluck their tau gey..

it would look better if they pluck the head n tail of the tau gey.. =p

dory said...

sorry.. incomplete sentence..

"i realised from your photo that they never pluck their tau gey head & tail..."

Ian Low said...

enjoyin yr blog ... good photography!

and i like yr very frank and direct way of bloggin and descriptives

and detailed too!

i am new to food bloggin so its great to learn from the experienced ones here

keep bloggin !:)

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