Monday, September 27, 2010

Ippudo Tao @ River Valley Road

Momo and I both took leave one day last week. I had tried to book lunch at Waku Ghin, but was placed on waiting list. I was trying to be hopeful. Hoping someone will give up their reservation. I called again on the day itself, but was told, no one gave up their reservation. Sorry. Arrghh..

I asked Momo what she wanted for lunch. My planned lunch (that she did not know about) is dashed. She said she wants to try that Japanese place. She can't put a name to it, but she knew where it was, somewhere at River Valley.

So we hop on a cab and told the cab driver, "UE Square" and we got there in a jiffy. We were dropped at the main taxi stand at UE Square and wondered where to find Ippudo. If you were lost like us, we were told by the security guard that it's at the other side of UE Square, the side facing Mohamad Sultan Road.

Ippudo Tao @ River Valley Road

Who is that guy in front? I don't know. I waited for 2 to 3 minutes for him to move with my camera pointing at him, but this guy refuse to move. I think he wants his photo taken! LOL

*** ice green tea ***

It was a hot sunny day, so this ice green tea was such a delight. $3
It was rather fragrant too!

Ice Green Tea

*** karaage ***

We saw on the menu fried chicken and just had to order it. We were sitting at the counter and could see the person preparing it and frying it!.


It was nice, but not very spectacular. I liked the wasabi based mayo sauce. It gives a little 'shiokness' to it.

*** shiro ***

The menu says this is the signature "Ippudo Shiro" ramen. $13.
It caught my eye so I ordered it. I liked the broth. It was light and after having it, it does not leave any oily taste on your lips. There's a slice of cha shu, pickles, cabbage, black fungus.

Ippudo Shiro

I like the fact that when you order, they asked how you liked your noodles done.
Soft, medium or hard. I opted for medium for my skinny noodles ;-)

Ippudo Shiro

It was rather satisfying. If you like light yet flavourful broth, this might be what you like too.

*** kuro ***

Momo ordered the Tao Kuro. $15
One look and you can sense and also smell that it was rather different.
(It was like hei bai tao, I was on the 'bright' side, and Momo's on the 'dark' side. haha)

Ippudo Kuro

The taste of the broth was very rich. It's a mixture of garlic and miso paste that makes it rather special, more intense and saltier too.

I 'tasted' some of Momo's broth and noodles and found it a little familiar, but just can't remember where I tasted something similar.

Ippudo Kuro

Momo said she liked her noodles. The hot noodles really make you break out in sweat!

*** lunch special ***

We did not see this sign as we walked in from the other side.
On the front facing Mohd Sultan Road, there was this sign. You can go for this offer if you think you can eat a lot.

Lunch Special Anyone?

All of the above, plus 10% Svc Charge and 7% GST = $45.90

Ippudo Tao
207 River Valley Road
UE Square River Wing
Singapore 238375

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Kenny Mah said...

Black or white dining? Maybe one of you will go for the red meat/red wine and the other the white meat/white wine combo the next time you dine for another "colour" pairing? :P

P.S. I think there is a conspiracy - this is like the 4th or 5th ramen post I've come across since having my tonkatsu ramen at Tampopo last week when I was in Singapore. Now I got major ramen cravings!

huan said...

i heard they have a more than decent dessert menu at ippudo tao. is it true?

and this is a definitely good alternaive to the long queue at ippudo @ mandarin gallery.

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