Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mooncakes - Peony Jade Restaurant

A colleague bought this for us to enjoy during tea few days ago. There was some roadshow at our workplace where vendors brought in mooncakes for sale at a discount.

This was mooncakes from Peony Jade Restaurant.
If you are thinking, it that really jade, what do you think? ;-p

Mooncakes - Peony Jade Restaurant

Peony Jade has a following in Singapore. She is famous for her Flaky Teochew "Orr Nee" with Golden Pumpkin Mooncakes.

It's interesting that they call it the "Ex-Crown Prince Hotel Flaky Teochew "Orr Nee" with Golden Pumpkin Mooncakes."

Mooncakes - Peony Jade Restaurant

Here is the "Or Nee" mooncake.

Mooncakes - Peony Jade Restaurant

There's a reason they emphasize that it's flaky!
This is one of our colleague's hand. The guy who absolutely loves Or Nee. If you want to tempt him, anything Or Nee will do!

Mooncakes - Peony Jade Restaurant

Taste wise, it is really different from your usual mooncake.
It is not very 'heavy'. The "Or Nee" is rather soft, so you got to be really gentle!

The yam and pumpkin goes really well. In fact, you taste more of yam than pumpkin.
For some of us who loves egg yolk, the egg yolk adds a little saltiness to the sweet paste which we like.

When you eat in a group in the office, mooncake always taste nicer!
If you don't like yolk you can also pass to someone who will gladly eat it.

Mooncakes - Peony Jade Restaurant

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red fir said...

Peony Jade's Flaky Teochew "Orr Nee" with Golden Pumpkin Mooncakes" is the best of all mooncakes I've eaten this year. It's more awesome without yolk coz there's alot more sweet pumpkin.

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