Thursday, September 30, 2010

Han Fung Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Cheong Chin Nam Road

We were at Cheong Chin Nam Road the other day to hunt for some food. We noticed the place seems to have changed behind the high boarded up area. A few restaurants have closed down and new ones opened! We ended up having the Korean BBQ Restaurant because it has been there for some time and we have not tried it before!

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^^^ banchan ^^^

The selection was OK. The 3 of us thought the kimchi was quite nice. A little more fermented that most places, but not too fermented. You know what I mean right? The seaweed /sea grass like thingy was not bad too.


^^^ Bul Go Gi ^^^

The aroma of the Bul Go Gi from the next table tempted us to order it. It was quite all right. It's a bit on the sweetish side, but very appetizing. The sweetish sauce that you see over white rice was nice. I was addicted to the sauce. LOL

Bul Go Gi

We did not have to grill the meat ourselves. The service staff did it for us at another table and when it's almost done, brought the hot plate with the portable gas stove over. How convenient!

Bul Go Gi

For the first few bites, we wrap the beef with garlic strips with the veggies. But after wrapping a few pieces we got lazy. We ate directly from the hot plate. :-)

^^^ So Go Ki ^^^

For the second dish, we thought we would try something healthier like soup. We ordered the Beef Hot Pot. In the receipt it says So Go Ki. I can't remember the name on the menu.

If you like beefy smelling and tasting soup, you might want to try this. There were lots of leeks, zucchinis, mushrooms and toufu in addition to the strips of beef inside. Below it all were lots of Korean glass noodles.

So Go Ki

It was quite a big pot and it took a while for the soup to boil. The soup finally boiled 'violently' when we were finishing our bulgogi.

It was worth the wait I guess. A very hot hearty soup awaits. The glass noodles made it quite filling dish.

So Go Ki

We had 3 persons and the 2 dishes above with 3 rice was enough to feed us. Price was around $50.

We might be back to try other stuff. We remembered this place being very quiet previously, but there seems to be quite popular nowadays. I think I still prefer the 'one' at Lorong Kilat :-)

Han Fung Korean BBQ Restaurant
16 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Singapore 599740

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