Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Frozen Swirl @ The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Guthrie House

It was a very warm afternoon and Momo and I happened to be near Guthrie House. We were looking for some place cool for some cold drinks and thought of Coffee Bean.

When we walked in, we saw that they had a new product called Frozen Swirl. We could not resist the temptation and ordered it instead. On such a warm sunny day, who can resist not having it?

We were served by this girl who was very 'robotic'. She speaks in one or two words at a time only. "Your order", "Size", "$9.70", "Thank you".  Anyone been there and ordered from her before too? LOL. Even Rosie the Jetson's robot is more friendly!

Classic Vanilla

Momo's order. The small size of the Frozen Swirl, the Classic Vanilla flavour.

The Frozen Swirl - Classic Vanilla


My order was the small Matcha flavour Frozen Swirl.
It's a swirl of matcha and vanilla flavour with green tea powder on top.

The Frozen Swirl - Matcha


It does not taste like yogurt at all. We were expecting it to taste like Frolick or other yogurt ice cream. It taste more like milk based soft serve. Hmm...

The Frozen Swirl

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Guthrie House
1 Fifth Avenue
Singapore 268802

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DK said...

So it's not good?

I keep seeing people eating it. Maybe all trying for the first time?

Unknown said...

It's a bit difficult to say.

If it says Yogurt, you would expect it to have a hint of sourness that is the characteristics of yogurt. This one doesn't. (Or the ones at this branch did not taste like it.)

It tasted more like the McDonald's Sundae. If you like Sundae, you will like the Frozen Swirl. But the price you pay here. Hmm...

You can try the small one and see if you agree with me :-)

Eileen. 静 said...

kinda ex leh.. i doubt i will try..

Alberta Leong said...

I didn't know that Coffee Bean sells yogurt too. :S

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