Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tiong Bahru Roast: Drunken Duck & Char Siu

Colleagues and I went to Tiong Bahru Market to have lunch last week. This is part of our lunch for the day. 3 of us shared a plate of Drunken Roast Duck and Char Siu.

You know as people in Singapore always says, Hmmm I think the standarad drop a bit already. haha..

It was one of our favourite 'roast' stores when it was at the temporary market.
It even has its own website!

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tigerfish said...

Have always heard about this but never tried before leh. Looks so yummy so I dun care std drop or not lah....
They are popular during CNY ,right ?

simcooks said...

Yes! Yes! I like this Tiong Bahru Roast Duck stall too!

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