Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Haato Ice Cream - another ice cream discovery in the west

This post is really really fresh off the press. These photos were taken like 1 hour ago.

A few friends, we were talking about Jap food, and someone said, I know a place that has ice cream. Err it's 10 pm now, still open? Oh yes it is!

It's called Haato. It's located at 5 Ridgewood Close. (The Mt Sinai area)

Look at the flavours they have. Guess what I ordered?

I had White Sesame and Red Bean.

Some photos to let you see it at all angles.

There's waffles too! This is waffles with Chocolate Gelato.

This place has board games you can play too. We played 3 rounds of Sudoku. Yes at nearly midnight, we were so brain dead!

Stay tuned. I have been to another ice cream place few days ago, also in the West of Singapore. I shall post it soon.

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tigerfish said...

Now there's even white sesame. I tried black sesame ice-cream in other ice cream parlors before. Not bad.

simcooks said...

Got low fat ones or not?

Keropok Man said...

i think there's sweet potatoes etc. friends ate that.

no need low fat lah. one or two scoops only. haha...

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