Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hawker Food: Oink Oink Trotters

Pig Trotteres - $4

I don't usually really fancy this, friend wants to try it, so the picture's here as well.

But it taste quite ok lah. Just too much skin for me! haha..

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Rasa Malaysia said...

Very oily lah...like I can almost see the pig oily skin jiggling inside the claypot...muahahahaha.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Yeah, it does look very greasy. Maybe if they had more lean meat in it, it could be delicious.

simcooks said...

Is this also at the Kopitiam beside Clementi McDonalds?

Does this Pig Trotter dish come with vinegar added?

The skin looks like it will melt in your mouth type.

tigerfish said...

At las, you posted something I seldom eat. The skin is supposed to be good for complexion, esp ladies complexion. But maybe it's not this part of the skin lah.....hahhahahaha

Keropok Man said...

oh.. my friend loves it! all the fats. but it seems there's lots of collagen and its good for your skin :-)

i ate some of the lean meat all hidden below, it's not bad actually.

no this is one without vinegar.

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