Friday, January 26, 2007

Tung Lok Seafood: Part 1

Colleagues felt 'a bit rich', so we were treated to lunch at Tung Lok Seafood. We thought there was going to be buffet dim sum, but aiya! it's only for dinner and weekends. It's Thursday afternoon.

Anyway, since we were there, we sat down and enjoy our food lah, it's so ulu at Tuas Industrial estate. The only choice was Burger King beside it. Errr....

The starter already taste good yah. Sambal Long Beans with Bean Curds and Ikan Bilis.

Then there's this lady that carries this tray of food walking around, asking if you would like to try stuff. OK, we saw this and said yes! White Pork with Jelly Fish below.

We ordered the Set Meal. This is our first dish from the Set Meal. It's very delicious. No need to describe in details right, your keyboard will be soaked with liquid. haha...

Rest of the Set Meal tomorrow. Stay tuned...

This was taken yesterday. Thanks for those who prayed for my rashes to be healed. I think I am ok liao. Still taking antihistamins and putting on cream. See I am back into eating stuff with colleagues. LOL..

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tigerfish said...

Hey, can I get to know your colleague? :p
1st dish looks like what I'll order from a Malay nasi padang stall in food court. LOL!
They even opened a Tung Lok in Tuas ?! Guess Tuas pple also need to eat, right ? Tung Lok Dim Sum buffet is good! You should try!

Keropok Man said...

hehe. yes but this is just the appetizer instead of the peanuts :)

simcooks said...

A friend told me before not all Tung Lok food is good (like the one in Keppel Club is so so only).
Usually I go to UIC building Noble House for my Tung Lok buffet dim sum. Ala carte is too ex for me!

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