Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Heng Hua Food: Briased Beancurd, Heng Hua Bee Hoon, Steamed Fish, Braised Red Pork

Here are more dishes that we are. You know it's sometimes a bit hard to take photos when there are many people around the table. When the food comes out, all the chopsticks are rushing to it. So I had to quickly snap the photo, so some pictures are really blur. :-(

This is the Beancurd / Beancurd Skin dish.

Heng Hua Dry Bee Hoon. (this is yummylicious!)

Fish, looks and taste quite normal to me.

This is two slabs of braised red pork. So much meat.

Ok, the last installment of Heng Hua Food tomorrow. A bit busy these few days and am on MC yesterday (allergy due to some food? arrghh) So comments are not still not answered.

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tigerfish said...

i remember eating heng hua dry bee hoon before....yummy
the braised pork goes well with "man tou" (i saw 4 lurking behind) ;D
food can't escape my eyes

take care and rest well, keropok man. dun be allergic to food, will miss ur food pix.

(maybe the sashimi was not fresh ?

simcooks said...

Think you ate too much liow. Rest well my friend.

kris said...

yum, that beancurd dish is my CNY specialty leh :D

so this is a guide to good food? i must remember this place !

Keropok Man said...

tigerfish, nothing hides from your eyes eh...

simcooks, i am well liao.. aiyo, see no time to reply, so many days later then reply all the comments.

kris, your specialy, share the recipe... :-)

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