Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bukit Timah Food Centre: Ngor Hiang

This is a bit weird. This post is titled Ngor Hiang but you dont really see the Ngor Hiang thingy here. I think we did not order it, but ordered the rest of the items like Sotong, Tau Hu, Fried Chicken Wings and Fried Mar Tee.

I think in Penang its called Lor Bak. In Singapore and Johor, we call it Ngor Hiang.

Since Tigerfish asked for the Econ Beehoon, here it is:

It's something very very simple, but many people including me just love it. I guess its because it is carbo. haha..

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tigerfish said...

yes, it's called
Lor Bak in Penang
but the one i tried should not be the most authentic coz i did not have it in Penang, but United States :o

This Ngor Hiang has many varieties. I'm actually eyeing at the economic bee-hoon-mee lurking at the posting tmr ?

Rasa Malaysia said...

What is mar tee?

pandit said...

Great blog! Great photos too. I like visiting Singapore. It is unique. Keep going brother.

tigerfish said...

Wah...really tank-kew leh...(感动~感动 ,gandong gandong - *grateful*)
aiyo...but same problem loh...can see, can touch but cannot eat.:(
Is it really the carbo ? I dunno y i like this also, maybe coz it's very very can really taste the bee-hoon. I remember when i was in SG in Nov, the first eat-out i had was this bee-hoon(plus side-dishes like "purse-egg"...) in nearby market.

simcooks said...

Xiao liow! Xiao liow! How to tahan till Feb (when I go back to SG) to eat all these?

kris said...

lor bak , it is!

that mee hoon was a sunday treat for us , is it eaten with sweet sauce? *drooling*

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