Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Daily Scoop! of ice cream...

The Daily Scoop is a ice cream shop that makes their ice cream at the same premises. It's one of the nice ice cream shop, also in the West of Singapore.

It's located at Sunset Way, in a place called Clementi Arcade.

If only, I live next door, then I can really have daily scoop!

I ordered Chocolate Ice Cream. I love anything chocolate. They also served it in a ice cream bowl that's super cold, so your ice cream does not melt so quickly.

Colleague ordered, err I forgot what her ordered. haha... he's the only one who ordered double scoop and with choc coated cone too!

We all went in a group, here's a pic of those who ordered cones. Most of them ordred Durian.

Try it, you'll love it!

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Anonymous said...

I like both durian and chocolate but chocolate is more of a classic. Won't go wrong with that. I'll order double dark chocolate if there's this flavor. :P~~~

Ming the Merciless said...

Dang boy! You people go out to lunch/dinner all the time. When do you ever work, huh? Singapore economy is trouble if everyone work like you do. HAHAHA!

Unknown said...

another chocolate lover eh.

ming, we still have to eat right? not all the time we go out to eat. sometimes our lunch last 10 mins and we are back to work.

if you drive around, you can get back all in 1 hour :-P

Shilpa said...

i'm not siow about chocolate but the one on the cone looks nice and dark, the way good chocolate ice-*cream should be... wah... what was the most unusual flavour?

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