Thursday, January 25, 2007

ABC Market: Fatty Cheong

You know I have been itching and chinese believe you should not be eating things that is considered 'tok' (in hokkien). Which can be loosely translated as poisonous. But but but.. colleagues decided let's go have Duck at ABC Market today!

Of course I was tempted. So off I go...

Here's ABC Market. (See this other blog to know why it's ABC)

Then here it is. Fatty Cheong. Colleagues discovered it by reading another food blog. Realised that the ducky here taste better than Tiong Bahru's!

There were 4 of us. Ordered half a duck.

And also Roast Pork and Crispy Pork.

More pix of the pork.

Guess what, I only ate the pork and veg. I was so disciplined that I did not touch the duck! And also the wonton soup (which had prawns another 'tok' food to avoid).

My rashes are 90% gone. I am on the road to recovery and back to normal makan soon I hope.

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kris said...

time now is 1:26am..grrrr, I'm hungry . I must how to roast a duck :p

tigerfish said...

luckily u did not eat the duck...very "tok" ah! is there bamboo shoot inside the wonton too ? heard that bamboo shoot also very "tok" ?
glad you are better now. :D

Shilpa said...

peng yew, where is this market? i must go there! what you suffering from? didn't realise you were sick! get well soon, hor?

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I hear early pregnancy can cause itchy skin too. :-) Err...never mind!

Melting Wok said...

yes leh, ducky very heaty one, if your blood stream needs detox, stay away. btw, I very jilat looking at the pix, so cannot tahan, but too far to drive for ducky :P once again, this is torturing my eyes :P

simcooks said...

ABC is one at Redhill right? Wah... upgrade until I don't recognise it liow!

Keropok Man said...

Kris, yeah, learn to roast duck and post the pictures up :-)

Tigerfish, hmm I din know about bamboo shoots.

Shilpa, it's at Alexandra. Near Ikea there..

Ming. LOL....

Melting wok, with your skills, you can whip up something better yah...

simcooks, ya, at Redhill/Alexandra area. Very modern and clean now ya. Food's good too!

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