Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Noodles House Ken @ Orchard Plaza

Last Friday night, a few food blogger friends were suppose to have dinner, but it was canceled at the last minute because the organiser could not make it.

Anyway, we thought since we already made time for it, why not meet up anyway. So I met up with Mr Hairyberry. The rest could not make it after they made alternate plans and it was raining too.

We went to Noodle House Ken, that one food blogger friend (that could not make it) said is really nice. I could not find it, so I called my bro who's already there with hairyberry.

They have two tiny shoplots. One's the annex, and that's where we sat.

Noodle House Ken @ Orchard Plaza

If you do an online search, most people recommend the Fried Gyoza $5. So we ordered it. It's quite light and very homely flavour to it. Mr Hairyberry said this might be the night's nicest food.


This is the Char Siew. $5
So so lah. I like the side parts where it was more burnt :-)
That yellow blob behind is mustard if you are asking.

Char Siew

Hairyberry had the Miso Ramen. $12

Miso Ramen

Bro wanted something spicy, and he had the Kimuchi Ramen $12

Kimuchi Ramen

I had the cold ramen, as recommended by Camemberu. Hiyashi Chuka $12
I like cold noodles, so I am biase and I can say I like this. :-)

Hiyashi Chuka

Birds eye view of our dinner that night.

Dinner for 3 at Noodle House Ken

It was a godo time catching up with hairyberry. We last met quite some time ago. So long, I forgot when.

Added to the bill's a 10% Service Charge but No GST.
Yup, this place does not have GST.

Noodle House Ken
150 Orchard Road
#01-17/18 Orchard Plaza
Singapore 238841

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HairyBerry said...

omg, u remembered everything, even the comment on the gyoza. but yeah, the gyoza'a nice cos it was plump, unlike those really spare-ribsy ones..haha!

nice meeting you again and we shall do the claypot rice!

Keropok Man said...

That's about all I remembered :-)

Claypot rice. yes! one of these days....

Life for Beginners said...

Mustard with char siew? Uhmm...

Wildcatz said...

the mustard actually taste like English Mustard instead of French Mustard! The twang of spicyness ;)

HisFoodBlog said...

Noodle House Ken serves very comforting ramen noodles! And yes I agree with HairyBerry that their gyoza is one of the better ones around.

ice said...

Now I feel like the cold ramen again...

southernoise said...

not fair! I never get that black bowl whenever I order the cold ramen! :P

Keropok Man said...

HFB, you eat their gyoza very often eh? ;-)

Ice, me too. I don't mind having one bowl now!

it's only a bowl. LOL...

Camemberu said...

Heh I thought the blue bowl is standard for the cold ramen, no ah? Yum yum...now I feel like going again! :D

Selba said...

The Kimuchi Ramen looks so delicious! :)

Keropok Man said...

Me too, at midnight and looking at the photos, feel like having it. LOL

You like spicy spicy food? Then you should try it.

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