Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Samy's Curry Restaurant @ Dempsey

Here's another 'farewell' dinner for our brother. We met up with more cousins and relatives to eat, chat and say good bye.

Hmm I just realised that in UK, there's lots and lots of Indian food, and it might be better too! LOL...

Anyway, we went to Samy's because we have not been here for years. The last time we were here, we had to buy coupons as entrance fee or something. That was before the Dempsey area became a hip place for dining.

Samy's Curry Restaurant

This is our table. That's the youngest on our table. Our niece and she was so excited to eat from a banana leave placed on the table. :-)

Ate from Banana Leaves

They were serving a choice of Nasi Biryani or plain white rice.
I had the Biryani . Eating it plain is already so nice. You can see the spices in the rice!

Nasi Beriyani

We also had naan. We had all the 5 different kinds that they served. Garlic Naan, Butter Naan, Cheese Naan, Plain Naan and Kashmiri Naan. I like Kashmiri because it's sweet and fruity.

5 diff types of Naan

This is the Mysore Mutton. They said it's one of the specialties. It sure is spicy!
The mutton lovers amongst us liked it, not for me. I don't like mutton. (because of the strong smell) :-p

Spicy Lamb

The Curry Squid.

Curry Sotong

This is the Masala Chicken. Think it's quite all right.

Butter Chicken

Who can resist tiny bites of fried chicken? This is the Chicken Tikka.

Chicken Tikala

The Curry Fish Head. We were quite shocked was so big. When aunt ordered it, she was told 1 fish head feeds 2-3 persons. So she ordered 2 of it because there was 10 of us. When it came, it was 2 big heads! LOL... Well, we finished it.

Curry Fish Head

It was quite hearty meal. We might have over ordered. A few of the above came in double servings, so we had to 'pack it away' for some dishes. Nearly $200 for the above plus drinks.

The place is quite packed too. Natural ventilation in the old colonial style building / barracks. So its quite a nice atmosphere.

Samy's Curry Restaurant
25 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249670

Tel : 6472 2080
Fax : 6474 5024


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Dutchie said...

3yrs back when visiting Sg, hubby n I went to Little India to try out genuine indian dishes. The restaurants had low ceilings with the fans on n u could feel the heat along the outside corridor as well as inside the narrow restaurant.
Both of us had a hard time acclimatizing to the heat, so we let this opportunity go. We ended up buying some good stuff from Mustafa's n cook a meal ourselves. The frozen foods there is adequate for a DIY :-)

We heard dat Little India now has a nice foodcourt, so we r looking forward to that on our next trip.

Extreme Power said...

I wanted to try samy but my fren opted for the western down the valley instead. ;)

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