Wednesday, February 04, 2009

CNY Meet up with friends @ The East (Pt II)

From yesterday's post....

Here's the CNY goodies / Japanese goodies to try.
They heated up the love letters in the oven just before serving, so it was very nice and warm.

CNY Tid Bits

On the Japanese theme, they had Japanese Milk Tea. This is one very nice tea.

Kirin Milk Tea - very nice!

Due to some conviction of this group of people, we are not suppose to have alcohol. Momo and I bought this. One of the drinks with only 6% ethanol. :-)

Melon Wine, only 6% :-)

Another friend brought green tea ice cream from Venezia.

Green Tea Ice Cream - Venezia

Another friend made Konnyaku.


The host also served this very light and delicious Camembert Cheesecake. Very nice.
Plus other desserts which my camera did not capture nicely.

Camembert Cheese Cake

Hope you all get idea on how to organize your own party too!

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Life for Beginners said...

Ooh, you put me and my dinner parties to shame! But these are some great ideas to jazz things up a little. :D

ice said...

Wow did your host bake these camembert cheesecakes? Look so delicious!

Keropok Man said...

wah, you so humble. :-)

no, the hostess bought it. Not sure from where though. yes, they are delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hi, i have been visiting your blog quite often. :) I realised your photos are all very clearly taken. Can i know what camera are you using?

Selba said...

I'm drooling for the green tea ice cream!!!

SoRMuiJAi said...

OoOoooo I've never heard of camembert cheesecake before!! Any chance of getting a recipe? It looks reallyyyyy good!

Keropok Man said...

It's considered an ancient camera now. Sony T200.

The green tea ice cream is nice indeed.

I think my friend bought it. Maybe an online search might help :-)

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