Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Emperor Q @ West Coast Plaza

Last week, we had a visit from an ex-colleague who is now working with this famous search engine and webmail company based in Sunnyvale, California. It's good to see her again and we met up for lunch.

We went to a nearby mall to have lunch. We looked around the mall and decided it was either Emperor Q or Dian Xiao Er. We thought we should try Emperor Q as they said they have a 25% opening special. LOL...

Emperor Q @ West Coast Plaza

Some of the things we ordered to share:
Chicken Wings.

Fried Chicken Wings

Asam Chicken.
This dish looks simple but the taste's really not bad. If you like Asam based dishes, you might like it. It's sour enough :-)

Asam Chicken

These are the individual dishes that we ordered:
One colleague had the Cod Fish Porridge. The egg on top makes it looks good eh?

Eel Porridge

The cod fish noodles. The noodles comes with a halve egg that has those soft yokes (tamago) Yummm.

Cod Fish Noodles

Cod Fish Noodles

This is the Mince Pork Sauce noodles.

Mince Pork Sauce Noodles

Mince Pork Sauce Noodles

I had the Char Siew and Roast Chicken noodles combo.
So so lah. I think I can eat lots of tamago. LOL

Char Siew & Roast Chicken Noodle

Char Siew & Roast Chicken Noodle

Emperor Q is a restaurant by MOF. So the dessert menu is almost identical to MOF's dessert menu. ;-)

Emperor Q
154 West Coast Road,
#01-67, West Coast Plaza,
Singapore 127371

Tel : 67747598

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moreover said...

Hi Kero, I understand that u're using sony t200 to capture all ur pictures. I'm jus curious did u editted those picts with photoshop? What setting did u use to take ur shots? Cos I jus love the pictures that u've taken, They're so damn clear and nice!

zs said...

Actually it was cod fish porridge :)

Keropok Man said...

those taken in darker places it is lighten with Adobe Fireworks. Others they are as it is. ;-)

updated ;-)
Pai seh. hehe...

Life for Beginners said...

Ooh, I wouldn't mind some of the Cod Fish Porridge right now after a weekend of heavy eating.

Btw, so you use Adobe Fireworks for your pics? I've only used Adobe Photoshop before. Any major difference?

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