Monday, August 03, 2009

Durian Fiesta @ Home

Part II of the Durian Fiesta thingy.

I queued up for almost an hour, so it's not just for a box of durian puffs for my colleagues. I bought a few boxes of different things and a few slices of the durian cakes too. I gave them to my aunt who loves durians, and also to Momo's parents who also loves durians.

What else did I get?
Durian & Crunchy Hazelnut Tartlets. They look good eh? Instead of cream, it's durians. Real stinko durians. haha...

Durian & Crunchy Hazelnut Tartlets

I got the Durian Puffs as well.
On the advert, they put down this word: "Signature".
How can 1 word reaffirms you that you are buying the right thing?

Durian Puffs

The Durian Oreo Cake. The advert screams out: "Back by Popular Demand".
Another few words that reaffirms the buyers. Why are we suckers for such advertising gimmicks??

Durian Oreo Cake

Durian Mousse Cake.
Now, guess what they put on the brochure? "Legendary"
Voted Singapore's "50 Yummiest Cakes" in 2008 by The Sunday Times.

With words like that, you will want a piece too right?

Durian Mousse Cake

Durian Crepe. It looks like durian popiah ya?
Guess what tempted me to get this? It says "All Time Favourite".

Durian Crepe

Want to know a secret?
I have not touched durians since Primary 6! One fine day, I just decided to 'turn off' durians. I have no idea why. Maybe my quota of durians for my lifetime is up. Sis also turned off durians.

When I delivered the above, which are aunt's favourite to her, she cooked dinner for sis and me. So after dinner, it was time for aunt and cousin to eat their durians. It was also when I got an opportunity to photographed the above. ;-)

Guess what? With the different type of durians in front of us, I took my first bite of durian in a very very long time! I had the Durian Oreo and Mousse Cake. The familiar taste suddenly hit me.

(Daddy, Mummy, if you are reading this, Sis and I both ate durians! haha)

If you want to try the above, (I just bing/google/yahoo it) it's available at "Deli" at the Goodwood Park Hotel at 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221.

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red fir said...

Like you, "one fine day, I just decided to 'turn off' durians" and have never looked back. The hazelnut tartlets picture is very crisp, nice shot!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

You didn't mention your reaction after eating the durian cake?

Meg said...

Torture! Torture. These are so decadent, I don't know which one I want to try first! (And second, and third...)

Good piece in the other website. Definitely drool-worthy, this lot!

My Caddy SG said...

So are you back to eating durians? I used to hate it- absolutely disgusted me the first time I popped one into my mouth. What horridness.

Now I look for it ... such is the strange effect of durian.

xinyun said...

ah... *drools*

Unknown said...

not even a bite? I took my first after so many years!

lyrical lemongrass,
the moment you put it in your mouth, it was like, arrghh.. the smell! then when you bite it, the taste has not changed. Thoughts of snatching the last durian when i was a kid came to my mind. LOL.

but then, I think I will not crave for it lah....

Meg in Nelson,
You tasted durian? :-)
Come come to SG, I will get some for you to try. hehe..

My Caddy SG,
No lah. Unless necessary. After so long of not eating it, there's no more craving for it!

Durian lover eh?

Zannnie said...

nice photos!

too bad i've developed adverse reactions to durians which is my fave fruit.... :(

now i know why you stopped eating durian ;)

wah, queue one hour huh? for momo's parents too!!!! :p hee hee hee

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