Monday, July 28, 2008

Ramen Santouka @ The Central

Last Saturday, Momo and I had lunch with AromaCookery. Camemberu could not make it at the last minute due to some emergency at home. Southernoise went to Batu Pahat to have durians! Nic is enjoying Indian food where it originated from.

We had lunch at Ramen Santouka, The Central.

We shared this oh so good, melt in your mouth Pork Cheeks. It's one thing that you got to eat if you like melt in your mouth pork. Tokusen Toroniku, $8

So, good, I am showing it here again. They only serve a limited amount each day.

Momo had the Shio Ramen. $12.
Salt based broth Ramen. This was it before she requested them to cut the noodles. (Momo has joined the 'vain' gang around Singapore wearing braces. LOL)

Aromacookery had the Shoyu Ramen ($12).
The soy sauce broth is a bit saltier than the salt based broth. I though it was nice though.

Me, I had the set. Unlike the other two, I did not have breakfast. I woke up and was too busy watching the Korean drama "Lobbyist". LOL

I had the Char Siu Rice & Shio Ramen Set. $16. It comes with a komi-tamago (egg) too.
It's actually a better deal! The ladies ordered their eggs separately for $1 each.

If you are paying with a DBS/POSB card, and you order the set meal, you get a free drink too. I had the oolong tea. So that means, we pay the same, I get more stuff! hehe..

Yummy yummy is the word. But for it to be yummy, you must have a high tolerance for salty food. It's one of the saltiest soup around. :-)

The ramen comes with 3 slices of meat too. 2 are the normal cuts. The 3rd piece is the melt in your mouth Tokusen Toroniku.

The char siu rice taste quite good too. Delicious char siu.

Though it was really salty, I still finished my soup and everything else too!

Be prepared to feel thirsty after. But no worries, they give each table a big jug of ice cold water. :-)

Want to think what Aromacookery thinks of the meal? Pop over to AromaCookery's webby.

Ramen Santouka
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
02-76 The Central
Singapore 059817

Tel: 6224 0668
Business Hours: 11.00 - 21:45 (Last order)
If the soup runs out, they will close earlier.
They do not take reservations.

If you can read Japanese and want to find out more about them, hop over to

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red fir said...

eh...they claim to serve only 60 plates of pork cheek a day. But it seems to be that everyone who dines there won't ever miss it! I got it too! :D

I think it's just their way of selling lol. :P

southernoise said...

I'd normally drink the soup to the last drop!

tigerfish said...

This ramen looks so good! Definitely much better than the Ajisen one. Hahaha...I only know a few.
Wonder if the Ramen Ramen at Bukit Timah near the rail track is still there?

Ming the Merciless said...

I love good ramen but I haven't found any super good ramen place in NYC yet.

Camemberu said...

wow how clean your bowls are - you really finished everything~!!! ahh....when can i go....sigh

His Food Blog said...

Ya I agree with ice~ they claimed to serve 60 sets a day - but they never seem to run out of it.

But den again, I find their soup too oily and salty - sorry, I am a bigger fan of Marutama but I am sure ice will have to disagree with me on that :P

red fir said...

Marutama makes you pay $15 for a bowl of maggie mee. Wimpy soup! :/ My instant noodles taste better.

Unknown said...

think so lor. that's why i did not put that in. hehe..

maybe one of these days go there at night, maybe they might run out of it. hmmm

btw, which instant noodles is nice ah? My sis and I arguing about it. LOL But it seems Koka is the best so far.

i tried, i tried. too salty! tak boleh lagi.

Hmmm seldom go to the Rail Track there. anyone out there knows?

Hmmm maybe you should get these guys to open a branch there in NYC. They opened one in Singapore all the way from Japan. :-)

Oily and Salty things are addictive! Just take a train down to The Central, take a lift up and tada!

I think most people will find it salty and oily, but dunno why people still go right? maybe it's for the melt in your mouth pork. (which i heard many places also have it) haha..

red fir said...

keropok man: I like Tung-I chicken & abalone and Myjoyo Mee Pok dry. Indomie from Indonesia is nice too! The ones from Indonesia, not the fake Singapore Indofood brand. When it didn't used to, they are now selling Indomie at the ABC budget shops. Very cheap! :)

Eh but don't eat too much instant noodles. We don't want to be calling you Botakman lol! Keropok man sounds nicer...

Unknown said...

Haha. No lah. I don't eat instant noodles that often. This month (ending soon) only ate 1 pack. Last month I think I did not even touch it.

Hungry, I grab apple and eat and drink milk. Like baby hor? LOL...

Ya, i realise there was a difference. Indomie and Indofood not same. Tung-I chicken? Hmm. Let me see try it the next time I go grocery shopping.

southernoise said...

tigerfish, ramen ramen is still there and still horrible! :P

Benita said...

Ahh. If Santouka's out of stock (pun intended), go to Marutama. It's on the same floor as Waraku and nearby too. It's quite tiny, and has this 'basketball' logo at the door. Sells good very ramen too, and the soup is salty also.

I felt the salt 'high' for at least 3 hours after I finished. Sigh, I LOVE ramen, but I don't love the 'high'... WHY MUST ALL GOOD RAMEN BE SO SALTY!

Zee sup eez too sorrrrty! (Think Zhang Ziyi and Visa.) -_-'

Unknown said...

that building is your territory right? you tried every single shop there yet? hehe..

the salt high is ok if it's 1 hour. hehe...

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