Friday, February 13, 2009

Sing Ho Hainan Chicken Rice

Two colleagues and I were walking around Middle Road and was wondering what to eat. Then we saw this 3 chicken rice shops side by side and wondered if we should try it.

Then we realise there's actually only 2 shops. The two shops sandwiching the middle shop has the same name. The name of the shop is Sing Ho. There's a newer Sing Ho and an older Sing Ho. We decided to go to the older, more dilapidated looking shop. We realised many people did the same thing too.

Sing Ho Hainan Chicken Rice at Middle Road

OK, we did not know that this is a famous chicken rice shop till we went back to office and did an online search. So we sat down and ate without much expectation. We saw these newspaper cutting that seems to be from last decade maybe?

Lots of awards displayed.

The rice came and it was quite tempting.

One thing we noticed though. While we were walking around, we realise that this block of building has a Jewish name and a Star of David on it. Then when this plate of rice came, we saw on the plate, words like hyssop, olive, etc, we were like, ey... very Jewish indeed. Hyssop's what the Jewish used to paint blood on their door post during Passover in the Old Testament.

The chicken rice

We were hungry people. We decided to order half Obama and half McCain.
So that's 1 chicken for the 3 of us.
The Roast Chicken side of the plate...

Roast Chicken side of the plate

And the White Chicken side of the plate of chicken.
We realised that the meat has been smashed though. Chinese penyet we though. But it tasted really tender and good though.

White Chicken side of the plate

We ordered a bowl of chap chye soup as well. Soup's so so lah. The chicken with their chilli and ginger sauce is nicer.

Mix Veg Soup

It's quite nice. No wonder there's so many people around eating this chicken rice.
$32.10 for the above plus 3 drinks. (2 barley and 1 lime).

Sing Ho Hainan Chicken Rice
266 Middle Road
(diagonally opposite Peace Centre)
Singapore 188991

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Anonymous said...

Nowadays, I always go to that area and I frequent this Sing Ho shop. I like their chicken rice too, after Wee Nam Kee. But I prefer their new shop which is cooler and more spacious.

Doremidokkan said...

Do you want to try a HK Dim Sum shop called 'Victor's Kitchen' located in 91 Bencooleen street, Sunshine Plaza? It's custurd bun has been featured in a magazine and got 9 points, even beating Crystal Jade and other 2 Chinese restaurent.

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