Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big D's Grill @ Holland Drive

One colleague (pirate) had been asking us to go try Big D's Grill after he read from 'the baker's blog that it's moving to Holland Drive.

Pirate and another few colleagues went there earlier this month, but found that it's not ready for business yet, so this time he's sure it's opened.

It's in the same kopitiam that the famous Holland V XO Bee Hoon. It's also just beside the new Buona Vista Community Club.

Big D's Grill

So, what did we eat?

DP ordered the Beer Battered Snapper (Fish&Chips) $8.90
The chips are nice, fish's not bad too.

Beer Battered Snapper

Pirate had the Beef Goulash.
I had a piece and it's very soft and tender but a tad salty. Pirate said that it would be nice on rice. I think so too.


I had the Bang Bang Chicken $7.90
I think this is so so lah.. It's spicy, you get a burning sensation on your lips and tongue. LOL
I prefer pirate's beef.

Bang Bang Chicken

Ms Tea had the Lasagne $12.90
It looks good doesn't it?


The food's not bad, but the coffeeshop during lunch time is too too warm!
It's also very pack. So go a bit early if you can. Also if you can, get a seat that's outside the coffeeshop. It's too warm sitting inside. You might enjoy the food better if you are not burning under the heat ;-)

Big D's Grill
Block 46 Holland Drive
Singapore 270046

Open daily from 12pm-2.30pm and 6pm-9.30pm, except Thursdays which is dinner only from 5.30pm till 9.30pm

If you are on Facebook, there's a FB group. Search for Fans of Big D's Grill ;-)

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ice said...

I need to visit like soon...

nightcabcontroller said...

I absolutely love your blog---the photos always make my tummy rumble, and I lick my lips whilst reading!
Keep up the good work; I may come over to Singapore this year--on an eating tour....

Anonymous said...

do try the crab linguine if u happen to eat there again. it's absolutely wonderful and Damien is really generous with the crabmeat.

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